TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Steve Harvey: We’re setting up biggest blind date

The comedian and host of daytime talk show “Steve Harvey” talks about the show’s second season and their plans to break the Guinness world record for the biggest blind date.

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>>> he was and is one of the kings of comedy. during a successful stand up career. now he is quickly becoming the king of tv, books and radio.

>> he kicks off season two of his daytime show called steve harvey . he keeps it real as he always does.

>> good morning, steve. great to see you.

>> thank you for having me back.

>> so season two, what are you going to do differently? a lot of people say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

>> that's right. we won't be fixing this at all.

>> nothing to fix.

>> it's doing great.

>> i wish we could just run reruns and they could mail me the same check. that would be great.

>> but they're not doing that.

>> we got a big season opener. huge, we're going for the world book of records in the season opener.

>> wow.

>> the biggest blind date together with hundreds of women and men. i surprised them with it. they didn't know it. we got a lot of stuff. micha michael buble will be on there. i met him on an airplane in germany. that's how i met him. my daughter spotted him and then he spotted me. i didn't know what was going on.

>> like your own surprise date.

>> you've had such success in this daytime television thing. it's a tough racquet. what is it about your show that has hit with people?

>> the realness of it all. a male perspective was missing on daytime tv . i think that humor was missing in daytime with the exception of ellen. i'm not saying nobody's funny. but it was just missing at the level that ellen and i do. that's what i think the draw is and the realness. i'm not afraid to give my opinion no matter what it is. it's just can i tell you what i really think instead of what you want to hear.

>> a lot of fun. a lot of passion as well. the fun you have, for example, your son, the 16-year-old, there's a bubble battle that i hear you guys engaged in.

>> he came up with this. my son, my son that's on the ground, he's the stupidest child i have.

>> wow.

>> and he comes up with this stuff and takes it to the producers and they come up with this. this is my son. and why they're listening to a 16-year-old.

>> maybe it's not your son. it's the producers.

>> but you're letting a 16-year-old produce a national show.

>> why not?

>> but it's good tv.

>> but then you also -- you're very passionate about exercise adds well. i understand you've got this huge challenge underway because you lost a lot of weight so you're challenging another city.

>> everybody --

>> we did philly. nice bathing suit .

>> how do you like that.

>> the exercycle thing.

>> men do it better in a suit.

>> i won't take my suit off for no reason.

>> you won't take your suit off for no reason.

>> there's one reason al. i got 7 kids.

>> at least 7 times.

>> at least 7 times.

>> that's it.

>> so that's the other thing about you is that you give women that make up a lot of the audience of daytime, you give them no nonsense common sense advice. if we were to talk to your wife, do you think she follows that advice?

>> yeah, i still get it wrong now because i'm talking to a woman. i don't care who you are, you're not going to get it right with them all the time. because they'll just change their minds. they could like it one day and hate it the next day. you don't know when the switch is coming.

>> and they don't tell you.

>> no, you just have to know that the switch has come.

>> you should know.

>> you have to know.

>> that's right.

>> if you don't know, you're an idiot.

>> and if you ask them to let you know --

>> you're a bigger idiot.

>> yes. exactly.

>> i think we're married to the same woman.

>> you have to keep your head on a swivel at all times. you have three tips for us for women looking for a healthy relationship. what secrets do you give them about men?

>> when you go out on a date, i try to tell women at first, take the pressure off. just go out on that first date to have a good time. take the pressure off. is he going to like me? well, you might not like him. take the pressure off you and let him worry about how good he's got to look. take that pressure off. and the second thing i try to tell women is have your standards lined up. know what you will accept and what you won't accept and as you're having a good time just check stuff off the list. and then the third thing, hang on to that cookie for at least 90 days .

>> the cookie being.

>> we know what the cookie is.

>> you know what it is.

>> where does the 90 days come from?

>> it came from my days of working at ford motor company and the post office . i found out very quickly that you go to these jobs to have a probation period. you have to prove yourself for 90 days . you have to show up to see if you're going to be on time. howell you work with others and at the end of the 90 days they give you the benefit package. then you can get your teeth fixed.

>> that's when you can get the benefits.

>> you don't get benefits before 90 days .

>> that's when you can take