TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Diana Nyad’s record-setting swim faces skepticism

Some endurance swimmers are questioning whether Diana Nyad cheated when she made her record-setting swim from Cuba to Florida, speculating that she held onto or got into the boat that was tracking her progress. Nyad’s team denies any cheating.

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>>> from the associated press. did diana nyad cheat during her swim? that's what some fellow swimmers are asking after she finished an epic journey from cuba to florida last week. here's the claim, that perhaps nyad held on to or got into the boat that was tracking her trip. others zeros in on the specialized mask and body suit she wore to protect herself from jelly fish . nyad's team denies cheating saying she was helped along on that swim by very swift currents.

>> which is something she said all along.

>> those claims are ridiculous.

>> somebody that's tried it five times. 53 hours in the water and her people were not allowed to touch her even. they fed her through a stau.

>> i did see one piece of footage of her spinning around the water. she might have been holding on to the propeller of the boat.

>> there's a lot of haters out there. somebody finally achieves something and they have to knock it down.

>> 64 years old and to accomplish that. you can't take that away from her.