TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Longtime friends experiment, date for 40 days

Longtime friends Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman decided they could solve their dating problems by having a relationship for 40 days. They documented their entire journey online, and tell TODAY how things turned out.

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>>> we are back at 8:43 with a unique experience. two friends dealing with relationship problems decided to see if they could fall in love after 40 days of dating.

>> graphic designers here in new york documented their journey leading up to last friday, day 40.

>> we just weren't right for each other.

>> i barely even held her hand today. i just don't know if i'm ready for this and as much as i try to convince myself, it's obviously not working for me.

>> and jessica and tim join us this morning. good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> this actually happened in the spring, right?

>> yes.

>> but you launched the website over the summer. that's why it ended last friday. i want to start with an indelicate question because i like to do that. when you decided you would date, what was your definition of dating?

>> well, i think, it was an experiment. that was the whole point. so it was going into this with the idea of trying to learn more about ourselves.

>> i think what matt is asking.

>> and putting parameters around that.

>> did you say we'll date like there will be hooking up here.

>> we left it open.

>> yeah.

>> there was a rule. there were six rules and one of the rules is that we weren't allowed to hook up with anyone else but there were no rules that we had to.

>> did it feel forced. you decided we're going to date for 40 days . you've been friends for four years. presumably that's because there never was any spark before. how was it to force yourself to date him.

>> that sounds really nice.

>> well, i mean.

>> come on, give me a little more than that.

>> well, it was a little awkward at first. especially because we had some rules like going to couple's therapy together which is not something you do when you just start dating someone.

>> the first kiss game on day 18 from what i understand.

>> yeah.

>> long time friends. i'm sure you kissed on the cheek before but now you kiss kiss , were there fireworks like in the movies.

>> like when harry met sally.

>> yeah. there was a little bit. there was a lot of anxiety and excitement. nothing was natural about it. so everything -- we had to take everything with a grain of salt.

>> the point of this was we both separately have had issues in relationships. what if we tried to work together and figure out what our baggage is and was that successful?

>> i think it was successful in many ways because even if we didn't come out in a relationship, we both consider the experiment a success because we learned so much about ourselves and each other.

>> we knew our story wasn't uncommon. our story is not unlike a lot of people's stories and issues. so we knew that was a way to kind of, like, having a dialogue.

>> jessica, you say even if we didn't come out in a relationship. so after 40 days of dating you did or didn't end up in a relationship.

>> we broke up the last day.

>> that's heartbreaking.

>> but you're still friends.

>> we're still good friends.

>> all of this was documented on video. you already had interest from hollywood about this which raises the question, is this just a publicity stunt? what do you say to that?

>> no, that's why we didn't do it live. we wanted to keep the sincerity to the project first and we didn't want to be influenced