TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Dr. Oz has diagnosis for new season: ‘Fun-itis’

Dr. Mehmet Oz talks to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about the upcoming fifth season of his hit medical talk show, which he predicts will be injected with new energy.

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>> but first today's cover story . dr. oz, his fifth season debuts today with life saving information and more time for humor and games. comedian wayne brady got a taste of that when he had to come up with a song based on an audience members suggested title with a medical theme. take a look. i just wanted to mention i was feeling a liquid retention i didn't need that kidney anyway. i don't know if you've seen the only kidney that i want i'm talking about the kidney beans yes it will never hurt me because it regulates

>> a little dancing there. nice to see you. welcome back. can i pick your brain on things in the news.

>> be honored.

>> i want to talk about this new study. there's a study that suggests the death rate from cancer in women under 40 and in women between 40 and 49 is higher than among older age groups. this is for cancer. tell me about it.

>> it's not because it demonstrates what i think most of us appreciate which is breast cancer in younger woman is worse than older woman. but they found that women screened seemed to have been less likely to have died than people not screened. so they're calling into the debate the issue of when you should start.

>> with a recommendation back in 2009 with a study saying no, wait until you're 50 and if you look to the numbers we just talked about, if i'm a woman and i'm under 50, i start earlier.

>> a lot of us do it to prevent bad things happening in our lives. the real debate and the reason they argued for delaying it is not because we're very cavalier about young women dying of breast cancer is because the test itself isn't that good. here you are 40 years old, perfectly healthy, someone tells you might have breast cancer , all of a sudden you change your life for the worst. i wouldn't change the recommendation.

>> on the next one, the fda took samples, like 1300 samples of rice. the kind a lot of people would serve on their dinner tables and could not find any alarge evidence of elevated levels of arsenic. this is a study near and dear to you.

>> i still feel it should be lower.

>> what about rice sf.

>> because rice is grown in swamps it soaks it up from the soil. my recommendations is you can keep using rice but don't make it your only grain. especially for young kids, use barley and other types of grains. that way you get a little less arsenic. it might be helpful.

>> 5th season of your show debuts today. it's been incredibly healthy to a lot of people. a lot of life saving information. you'll change things, though and make it more fun, why?

>> if i have to give a short diagnosis it's funitis. it's as important as losing weight and maintaining your health. it takes awhile but i feel more confident this year. bigger demos. we can be louder and have people enjoy life.

>> but is it also a better way to get people to digest important information? if you make it fun, it doesn't seem like they're reading a textbook.

>> i think without any question. watching the "today" show i see the same reality. you can teach me better if i'm enjoying the experience and it take as while to mature as a host and be able to do that. i'm proud we can go in this direction.

>> are you still enjoying it? having fun ?

>> it's a blast.

>> good to have you again.