TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Rossen Reports: Is there a deadly batch of drug ‘Molly’?

Police are investigating whether four recent deaths of college students who had used the popular party drug “Molly” are linked to a single bad batch of the substance – and whether it could kill more along the East Coast.

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>> this morning on rossen reports, an update on our hidden camera investigation into the popular party drug molly linked to several deaths of college students. now authorities want to know if all the cases are connected. jeff rossen is here with more. jeff, good morning.

>> hey, natalie, good morning. police have been worried about this drug for quite some time but as it keeps getting more and more popular, more and more mainstream, they're especially concerned now. four people killed, most of them college students in the past two weeks alone. this morning, the new headline, police are vaeth whether all the deaths are connected. if one bad batch of molly is sweeping across the east coast . it is the new party high. molly . sold as powder, capsules, even pink crystals like this. in boston, britney flanigan today molly and died at a night club . days later in new york. jeffrey and olivia died after expected overdoses and in washington d.c. , shelly goldsmith, a uva honor student was out dancing with friends, took molly and died. her parents are heart broken.

>> we had no indication. this is someone who was very concerned about having a healthy body. she would not have done something that she thought would have hurt her.

>> now, police are comparing all the victims autopsies for clues. did a single bad batch of molly distributed up and down the east coast kill all four of them?

>> some of the stuff is cooked up locally. other of it is imported in. there's no consistency to it. that makes it dangerous.

>> reporter: molly is the pure form of mdma or ecstasy but according to federal officials molly is often contaminated with even more lethal chemicals and for kids, getting molly is easy. we found dozens of ads pedaling it on craigslist. last week we responded and set up a meeting. our producer posing as the potential buyer. [ inaudible ]

>> yeah, then you start feeling it.

>> is it safe?

>> you're not going to die or anything.

>> reporter: but authorities say that's dead wrong. just ask the parents of victims.

>> every parent that is diluting themselves into thinking that it is -- it is something that their kid would never do needs to hear shelly's story.

>> if there is a bad batch of molly out there killing people, authorities want to get their hands on it and the supplier of course quickly. boston police now telling nbc news they're launching more undercover stings to crack down on anyone selling molly . we're