TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Scotland Yard apologizes for stopping Prince Andrew

After a suspected burglar made it inside of Buckingham Palace, Scotland Yard’s overzealous police force reportedly stopped Prince Andrew while he strolled on the grounds and has since apologized publicly for the mistake.

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>>> we want to turn to london and security breaches at buckingham palace that lead to a rather embarrassing situation over the weekend. michelle kosinski is there with details. michelle, good morning to you.

>> hey, matt. security is usually so tight even here outside the palace but if we so much as take a step away from our designated camera area police appear within about two seconds. so it's just mystifing that a burglar got inside. then days later police acosted another intruder that turned out to be prince andrew .

>> reporter: prince andrew was furious, enraged about what went on wednesday as he strolled along in the palace gardens. armed police stopped him yelling put your hands up and get on the ground for at least half a minute. now scotland yard apologized publicly in a statement saying no weapons were drawn or force used. prince andrew responded police have a difficult cull job to do. sometimes they get it wrong. i'm grateful for their apology.

>> they have to follow procedure. she left her security pass and said i'm going to go back up there and started to go past the policemen and was pushed against the wall. prince andrew forgot his security pass and was not allowed in.

>> reporter: but this was one strange week behind palace walls. last monday night a 37-year-old dee jay may have scaled one of them and making his way inside the state rooms open to the public during the day and was about to smash through glass when police caught him. a second man was arrested outside the palace. their possible target, reportedly, the spectacular, priceless crown jewels on display in those state rooms .

>> the only way you're going to completely guard the queen or even the president of the white house is if you erect a 50 or 60 foot perimeter fence and then a safe zone in the middle with guard dogs and thousands of guards which would be completely unacceptable.

>> security is never going to be 100% here and in the past people have gotten on the roof, the balcony and once inside the queen's bedroom while she slept. usually security here is scaled back some while the royal family is not here and they were not on monday. back to you guys.

>>> all right. michelle kosinski in london. thank you very much. the time in the queen's bedroom, that's a big oops.

>> that had to have been a long time ago.