TODAY   |  February 27, 2015

How to turn your old iPhone into a security camera

Older Apple products still have their uses, and an old iPhone or iPad can be used as a security camera to protect the home, or it can double as a nanny cam. TODAY’s digital correspondent Mario Armstrong reports.

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>>> this morning on mario's top three, the latest tech trends that mario armstrong wants you to know about including an app that could protect your home. always nice to see you. good morning.

>> good to see you as well. you were up tweeting late last night.

>> i was. and you tweeted back but i was asleep by the time i saw it. i followed your advice, subliminally and i went to bed. so there is a lot of talk about a new iphone coming out, possibly very soon.

>> right.

>> when you upgrade, though, a lot of people don't want to get rid of the old one but they're not sure what to do with it.

>> there's a free app called present and if you download it onto that older iphone or older ipad or device you can use that as a remote camera so think of it as a nanny cam , even a baby monitor or security camera . you can get audio and video that you're monitoring. right now we have one camera that's pushing out into the studio but i can actually watch that camera. this is my old ipad. this is my old ipad. then on my phone i can see that same video feed . i could be at the office, i could be on a jog. i could be anywhere.

>> if you didn't want to do that, you would have to use it on a wi-fi connection?

>> that's a good point. all you need is wi-fi. at home the camera is connected via wi-fi so you don't need to pay any data fees.

>> this is kind of fun. there's one option. the second one i'm really excited about. this is for people who love books. sometimes i have a real book , i read on a device. now we can merge the two. how is this going to work?

>> it's like peanut butter and jelly .

>> hey, a fine combination.

>> amazon is coming out with something in october the that is called match book , kindle match book . the whole idea is let's say you purchased "men are from mars women are from venus" way back in the day.

>> i don't know what you mean by that.

>> let's say you want the book and you want the electronic version, you can go into your history, look up your account, see what you've purchased, and then get that electronic book at the a minimum of half off.

>> this is any book that i bought through amazon.

>> great distinction. through amazon.

>> if i have an ipad but want to share, i have the kindle feature i can share with my mom.

>> you can still share things. you don't have to have a kindle in order to read an ebook. you just need the kindle app. the kindle app is free. so mom can download the kindle app on any of her devices.

>> she has a kindle on the ipad and we share that way. too much information for you.

>> too deep.

>> some of the books you say half price at the most.

>> the maximum cost is $2.99. it could go down to free. it's up to the publish er. amazon said it has to be 50% off what it would normal cost at a minimum.

>> i love it. it's a great idea.

>> only about 10,000 titles to start in october but they'll get more.

>> we all start small. you have another fun thing for us.

>> that's right.

>> this is so i can watch my videos, look at my photos in a lot of different places.

>> so this is called the google chrome cast. a lot of people have been talking about this. what this does, you connect it to the port on your tv, you have to have wi-fi at home. but as long as you do, you download the app onto your phone and then basically any device, samsung, android, but other devices as well, and you can watch the video or photos or tv shows instead of on your tablet or device push it to your big screen tv .

>> i love that.

>> that is a streaming player so people heard of apple tv or roku roku, this does the same thing.

>> if i subscribe to netflix --

>> that's right.

>> if i have app on my phone i can now watch it on my tv?

>> that's right. you are no longer sitting there watching -- even having a tablet is great in bed but why when you probably have a 40 inch or larger screen television just hit the button, cast it right to your television and so youtube, netflix and other partners.

>> you don't have an app to fix a broken ipad screen, though, do you?

>> i don't have an app for that. this thing is only $35.

>> i love that.

>> that's what makes it so awesome.

>> we had a little accident.

>> this is a bad accident. a cracked ipad. now i've shown you --

>> my son did the same thing. he slammed it on the floor.

>> get a good case. get apple care. use that app --

>> and turn it into a