Image: File photo of Britain's Prince Andrew  leaving the King Edward VII Hospital in London
Neil Hall / Reuters

TODAY   |  September 08, 2013

Armed police confront Prince Andrew at palace

Prince Andrew, the son of Britain’s queen, was challenged by armed officers in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. The officers ordered the prince to verify his identity before they realized who he was. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> prince andrew 's no stranger to buckingham palace but to a couple of armed guards he may have looked like somebody who didn't belong. outside the palace with more on what happened when they came face-to-face. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. so this is extraordinary. on monday an intruder is able to get inside the palace. tuesday one the most recognizable men in britain is stopped outside by armed officers. a sign, perhaps, that things are a little tense down here. at buckingham palace another security scare, another embarrassing episode for the police. this time prince andrew , the queen's son, enjoying an early evening stroll in the palace gardens, when he was stopped and challenged by armed officers. britain's "sunday express" newspaper says the prince was pounced upon by officers who shouted, put your hands up, and, get on the ground. it's claimed there was a tense standoff until police realized their terrible mistake.

>> the armed officer would have seen this man and said get down on the floor. it probably only last add few seconds but the truth of it is they do have to follow procedure even though, of course bs prince andrew is very recognizable.

>> reporter: all this two days after a man was able to evade security and reach the palace's priceless works of art . he was arrested on suspicion of burglary in the state rooms not far from the royal apartments where the queen lives. she has been on her summer vacation in scotland enjoying the highland games not commenting on the controversy back home. a security review is under way but one former royal bodyguard says she is unlikely to allow more protection at the palace.

>> the queen herself decides what level of security she wants. now what she wants the people nationally and internationally to see her and she doesn't want to be cocooned and barricaded behind a fortress.

>> reporter: the metropolitan police confirmed two uniformed officers approached a man in the guardens of buckingham palace to verify his identity. they say no weapons were drawn and no force was used. of as for prince andrew , it's reported he was livid. we have just heard that the metropolitan police have apologized to prince andrew . he has accepted. and in a statement we just got, he said i'm grateful for her apology and look forward to a safe stroll in the garden in the future.

>> that one probably won't happen again. thank you.