TODAY   |  September 08, 2013

Tokyo celebrates after winning 2020 Olympic bid

After a hard-fought competition at its meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the International Olympic Committee made the announcement that Tokyo will be the host city for the 2020 Olympics, leading to cheers from the crowd, and around the world. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>> is at an all-time high in japan this morning with the news late yesterday that the olympics are coming back. it was a hard fought battle to get them but tokyo will host the 2020 summer games . anne thompson is live with the reaction there. anne, i'm going to guess it's a pretty good one.

>> reporter: it certainly is, erica. the banners here along the famous shopping district proclaim tokyo as a candidate city for the 2020 games. but it, indeed, is the host city, a point of pride for the 9 million people who live here, most of whom were sound asleep when olympic president jacques rogge made the call from buenos aires half a world away . it was the moment japan had been waiting for --

>> tokyo .

>> reporter: back at home -- pandemonium.

>> the international olympic committee has given not just the city of tokyo but the entire nation of gentlemjapan an absolute shot in the arm.

>> reporter: a shot in the arm for a close knigt nation, saw a crisis from the crippled fukushima nuclear plant, the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami more than two years ago.

>> the people of japan have rallied around the northeastern part of the country that was destroyed, sports have actually caused people there to really rethink their priorities. it's been a band-aid of sorts.

>> reporter: madrid and istanbul made strong presentations with videos, but japan 's pitch was hard to top. the country has the experience hosting two winter games . the 1964 summer olympics were also in tokyo . it is one of the world's most sophisticated cities in a sports crazed nation. and, one more thing, japan has deep pockets, offering olympic officials the kind of financial support they just couldn't pass up.

>> the japanese invited the ioc on a date and said we have $4.5 billion, you want it? hello. yes, we want it.

>> reporter: now later today the olympic committee will have to decide which sport will be added to the 2020 games. the choices are wrestling, squash, or baseball and softball. erica?

>> big decision to be made. anne thompson in tokyo .