TODAY   |  September 07, 2013

‘Road angels’ transport rescue dogs to forever homes

Volunteer and dog owner Nancy Endacott has transported dozens of dogs for Martha’s Mutt’s Movers, a volunteer canine rescue that places shelter dogs in loving homes across the country. TODAY’s Craig Melvin interviews NBC’s Jill Rappaport and Endacott.

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>> there are aapproximapproximately 7 million animals in shelters. half of them will never get out.

>> we have one here.

>> great work by them. this is yogi. this is nancy, a volunteer who transported many dogs for mutt movers. yogi belongs to you?

>> yes, he does. he was my 45th dog to transfer and i just kept looking at him as i was driving and i fell in love .

>> as jill reported in the piece there, i would imagine you put a lot of miles on your car transporting these dogs. why do you do it?

>> i love to have a million animals, but instead, i'm trying to help the other dogs get to safety.

>> do you get updates on the dogs you drop off?

>> sometimes we do get an e-mail saying the dog made it to their forever home. but, you know, most the time, we know they are at safety now.

>> adoption obviously the goal, jill, ultimately for all these dogs.

>> right.

>> if there's someone watching who wants to help out without driving, what else can they do?

>> if they can't adopt, you can volunteer. shelters need volunteers. even if you walk into your local shelter, walk the animals. they need socialized. this guy is chilled, happy and so in love with his owner.