TODAY   |  September 07, 2013

Is Clint Eastwood part of a spouse swap?

After Clint Eastwood split with Dina Eastwood, his wife of 17 years, both have found new love interests, but there’s a twist. TODAY’s Erica Hill and Craig Melvin interviews E!’s Lola Ogunnaike to get the scoop.

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>>> from "fifty shades of gray" to alec baldwin 's new job, we have a lot to get to.

>> always good to see you.

>> good to see you, too. cold morning, hot topics.

>> this is --

>> i don't know where to go with this one.

>> this is a different kind --

>> it's a bit confusing. let's break it down slowly.

>> okay.

>> clint eastwood and his estranged wife were together 17 years. they split over the summer. since then, dena has been dating a friend from high school . it's fine. scott fisher . he's a coach at the university of hawaii . clint eastwood has been spotted out with his ex-wife. it is a real life wife swap .

>> there's an age difference, too, i would imagine.

>> his new woman is in her early 40s. his soon-to-be ex-wife is 48. he likes them young. he does.

>> the nickname dirty harry .

>> oh! oh!

>> i didn't know what to say that wouldn't get me in trouble.

>> let's talk about a new colleague alec baldwin is going to be at the real life 30 rock now. part politics part pop culture . how do you think people are going to react to this?

>> i think he's going to do well. he's a great interviewer. he's very engaging, smart, funny and knowledgeable. i think it will be interesting toe see him play against types. " 30 rock " fans know him as a staunch republican. he's a real liberal.

>> he's very much a liberal. even that, if you listen to the interview shows, i listen to them in new york city where he has show and it's very different than what you would expect. it will be a lot of fun.

>> as long as he keeps his temper in check, we should be good. it might make for great television.

>> a little energy goes a long way on tv.

>>> snooki is getting backlash. a girl can't win.

>> no.

>> everyone says she's too skin any.

>> you can't win. when she was a drunk, chunky mess on " jersey shore " people have a problem with her. now after losing 50 pounds, she's working out five days a week with a trainer, eating right, cut down on the boos, being a responsible mother and they are giving her flak for being too skinny. she was 4'8", 140 pounds. now she's 4'8" and 96 pounds. it's a reasonable size.