TODAY   |  September 07, 2013

Swarming crickets invade parts of Oklahoma

It happens every year in Oklahoma towns, and is always a mess, as thousands of crickets pile up on streets, sidewalks and porches, and hang off walls and windows of homes and businesses. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>> every day feel.

>> it is so gross.

>> ewww.

>> reporter: in oklahoma towns, it happens every year and is a mess as thousands and thousands of crickets pile up and hang off walls and windows of homes and businesses.

>> after awhile, they die.

>> reporter: people may not like it, it's natural for all the crickets who this time of year have one thing to do.

>> they are looking for a mate so there can be more crickets next year.

>> reporter: the signal to gather and mate comes from the change of season and the weather, which this year, dry in the spring and wet in the summer was just right.

>> it's fall, the nights are getting cooler. this year may be worse than others. it's nice and humid. it's good for crickets.

>> it's good for business if you are an exterminator. calls for service are coming in. exterminators found enough crickets to fill a 30 pound bag. while people aren't happy, the rest of the animal kingdom is having a feast.

>> birds eat them, frogs, lizards, small mammals. they are protein packs for animals.

>> reporter: better news, this plague won't last forever. when the weather gets colder, they will all be gone until the new generation comes to town next year. for "today," mark potter , nbc news.