TODAY   |  September 07, 2013

Recent law grad juggles three jobs to stay afloat

Attorney Scott Neal bills lots of hours, just not all of them at a law firm. He’s also a building supervisor and also does odd jobs when he can. His story highlights the struggles of what some have called a soft economic recovery. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>> to find work. the latest jobs report disappointed. 169,000 new jobs added last month. unemployment slid to 7.3%. that number fell because many have simply stopped looking for work. many of those who are finding jobs are working part time . john yang introduces us to one man who has three jobs and still trying to stay afloat.

>> i would like to talk to you about the legal issues you are having.

>> reporter: he bills lots of hours, not all of them at a law firm . he's a ymca building supervisor and takes the odd tree trimming job when he can. all together, he hopes to make $15,000 this year.

>> need one more plate.

>> he still lives with his parents. when you went to law school is this what you invisioned?

>> no. not at all.

>> reporter: he says his job hunt after law school was bleak.

>> if you got an interview, it was really good. usually that didn't pan out. it was nice to at least get an interview.

>> reporter: he highlights how soft the recovery is. of the 848,000 jobs created, nearly two-thirds are part time .

>> that tells us there's tentativeness among employers hiring people full time .

>> reporter: he seeings growth opportunity at the "y." how would that make you feel to give up the law?

>> it would make me feel kind of sad that i spent three years in law school and the economy wasn't good enough for me to make it as an attorney.

>> reporter: his parents helped pay for his law degree , they don't mind if he doesn't use it.

>> as long as he's got a regular job, regular pay and regular benefits. it's what i hope for.

>> reporter: despite his struggles, he is confident about his future.

>> maybe it won't go the way i planned on, but i know i will be successful one day and make something of myself.

>> reporter: no matter what it is he ends up doing. for "today," john lang , lake orion , michigan.