TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

Change it up! Turning your dream into a career

Sparkle Myers, who traded in her day job to pursue a successful career in the makeup business, and CNBC’s Sharon Epperson explain how you can turn your dreams into a fulltime job, and the best way to save money to make it happen.

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>> that's what sparkle meyers did after 15 years of working in information technology . sparkle started her own spa and cosmetics business which landed her in the pages of "beauty link" magazine.

>> sparkle is here to tell us how she changed it up.

>> and cnbc's personal finance correspondent sharon epperson is here to tell you how to change it up in your life. welcome, ladies.

>> sparkle, you took the plunge. you were in i.t. which most would think is a very buttoned up field and you decided to rip off the corset and do something you really wanted to do.

>> wow. hoda likes to talk dirty like that.

>> it was a secure job, though, you know? what gave you the courage to do it?

>> at the time i worked for a company and they were just laying off jobs. so they didn't lay off my particular position, but that's what made me, you know, think, what else could i do?

>> you wanted to be more in control.

>> a lot of people have ideas of what they want to do but don't know what to do with that idea.

>> it's really a great idea to start thinking about different streams of income, even while you're working. if you aren't working if you are at home you have this great idea. start doing it. do it for friends, family members.

>> get their reaction to it and see how you can do it.

>> how did you do it? you didn't have a ton of money. what did you do?

>> actually, what i did was i started my business with my own money. savings and 401(k).

>> were you nervous to dump everything in?

>> absolutely. absolutely.

>> so you took your own dough. then what did you do?

>> i was looking for -- well, creating a line for affordable -- something affordable for the every day woman.

>> for cosmetics.

>> for cosmetics. i was a freelance cosmetic artist for a few years.

>> so you already had a passion for this.

>> what for people that afraid. sometimes to sink your 401(k) and savings into --

>> that's kind of scarey to me. i do worry, even though the business is really growing and successful that you don't want to sacrifice your personal finances and your long-term financial planning for these short-term professional goals. it's great to do it and you need to get started somehow.

>> so what's the best way?

>> but really depleting your resources, your savings and 401(k) in particular is worrisome.

>> you forged anyway.

>> yes.

>> because you just knew?

>> i knew that was my passion and what i wanted to do.

>> you didn't know sharon at the time.

>> now we're going to keep talking about this.

>> for someone at home watching in a dead-end job, wants to try something but doesn't want to blow their whole life savings.

>> start networking now. start volunteering. start freelancing. start joining clubs and groups that are doing what you're doing and try to get your name out there while you are keeping your own job. try to start thinking of the skills you'll need and how you can build those skills and also how you are going to rebrand yourself. that's what it's all about. really creating the you that you want the world to see professionally. it may not be the you that's in that job or sitting at home right now.

>> start putting away a little bit as you go along.

>> start saving along the way.

>> business is going well?

>> yes.

>> what's it called?

>> makeup by sparkle.

>> you are spoarkly. we love it.

>> you sell your own product very well.

>> thank you.