TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

5 fall trips for empty nesters

Jeanenne Tornatore from Orbitz suggests that parents who have sent their kids off to college should leave their own empty nests to visit such destinations as Santa Fe, N.M., Savannah, Ga., and Aspen, Colo. She talks about the best places to stay and get deals.

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>> to pack it up.'s jeannine is with us.

>> can't believe we're already talking about fall getaways. can you believe fall is what we're talking about.

>> santa fe . you are taking us there first.

>> oh, that's fun.

>> i love this city . one of these unexpected. they call themselves the city different. it's really unexpected. beautiful adobe architecture set at the foot of the mountain. over 250 art galleries here. lots of spas. wonderful restaurants. it's beautiful . and i love the hotel st. francis. it's a really old hotel but it's been renovated. it's really quiet. you just get this serene feel. $157 a night.

>> great bar at that hotel.

>> great bar. great restaurant.

>> don meredith used to live there.

>> next, take us to quebec city .

>> if you are looking for something with european flavor but you don't have the budget or maybe the time to go to europe for a great long weekend, it's only a couple hour flight from the east coast .

>> it's beautiful .

>> french speaking . you walk down these cobblestone walkways. it has the ambience of being in europe. and the hotel i love here is the iconic fairmont. it's very majestic. sits up on this hill. fairmont as a brand, you know what you are getting. very well appointed rooms. on average $205 a night on orbitz in the fall.

>> great price.

>> great city coming up in the south, savannah, georgia.

>> one of my favorite southern cities. history and romance and southern hospitality . you can sit on the sidewalk and sip your sweet tea or take these wonderful walking tours they have of the squares and, you know, the architecture.

>> and the people are so sweet in the south. so hospitable.

>> and the hotel here is the westin savannah harbor golf resort and spa. you hop on a ferry and you are over on river street which is where everything is happening. $189 a night in the fall.

>> great price.

>> nice.

>> aspen, colorado, is beautiful .

>> i can't believe there are deals to be had in aspen.

>> fall is the time to get the deals. a lot of people don't think about going in the fall. it's their off-season but it's beautiful this time of year.

>> it's a gorgeous time to go. whether you are hiking, biking, horseback riding , fishing.

>> a lot going on.

>> hotels are 54% cheaper than when the ski resorts open.

>> what's that one?

>> this is the limelight hotel right in downtown aspen. $135 a night on orbitz in the fall. three times that in a couple of months.

>> and complimentary breakfast. cruiser bikes you can check out and ride around the town. it's a really fun thing.

>> one of the most charming places in the continental u.s.

>> and amsterdam if you want to go overseas.

>> a lot of people think of going to holland in the spring for the tulips. the fall is a great time to go. it's a really small country. i like staying in amsterdam, which has so much beautiful history and architecture. and then you hop on the train. it's 45 minutes to an hour to the hague, rotterdam. it's a beautiful time of year to go there.

>> great to see you. we'll