TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

Gear and gadgets to prepare for hurricane season

DIY expert Carter Oosterhouse shows off some useful gadgets you may want to pick up to prepare for hurricane season, including generators, freeze-dried foods, and containers to store valuables.

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>> is upon us .

>> we are sort of halfway through?

>> we're halfway through. we want to make sure we're prepared in any situation.

>> it's been a really quiet august.

>> la, la, we don't want to see it.

>> la, la --

>> you don't want to say that at all. you still want to be prepared. before we get into all of this, make sure there's a communication plan. how you can talk to people within your family, loved ones as well as an evacuation plan of where you'll go.

>> you know what's also important? a land line . you need an old-fashioned one that doesn't need any power.

>> bet you're surprised to hear that. we've got one.

>> let's start out. we have two generators. the one on the botam is a 5500 watt unit. that's going to power a lot of rooms. a little more expensive but a lot of rooms. keep the lights on as well as a refrigerator.

>> get it now. don't wait until --

>> then they'll be sold out.

>> and then the smaller unit is about $250. this unit is about 1700 watts. that will power a refrigerator, which is still good because you'll need the food.

>> and it's not going to spoil.

>> your fridge. maybe a room. one of the bigger things is this ready kit. this ready kit runs about $60 but it has everything in it.

>> it comes with everything in it?

>> the first aid kits, batteries, flash light , knives, gloves. it even has a little food. you guys want to try this?

>> those little biscuit things?

>> oh, no.

>> if i'm hungry after a hurricane.

>> i can't eat it.

>> maybe later.

>> thank you, though.

>> moving on --

>> where do you buy something like this?

>> you can buy it online. we'll put this online. or sometimes big box stores carry them as well.

>> this ultra light firstaid kit is only 10.4 ounces. the reason i like this is because it actually works, has enough amenities in there for about four different people. and the reason is t works is because it's so light. you can carry it. so if you have to lug it around. it's going to be --

>> that's not a fannie pack. i like that.

>> maybe you can convert it.

>> this is really cool. now this is actually a light. it's actually a charger and it's an am/ fm radio . which is really good because it gives you updates 24/7. but the neat thing about this, this swon that solar powered it will actually power -- solar powered , it's crank powered, dc powered and ac powered.

>> no excuse.

>> that will work.

>> a radio becomes your lifeline in those situations.

>> and you can charge your smartphones if you want to as well with that little cord.

>> that's all it did and you had a way to communicate with people, that's huge.

>> this is the coleman duo lantern. it's just a light. it lights up a room but the neat thing about this is -- what does it do? you can open it?

>> yes, you can pop it off. the light will stay charged. you can take one to another room. that's pretty nice because it stays charged. this is the coolest of all. this will hold all your smart p pads, ipads, smartphones. the touch bad is still working here. watch this.

>> did you dip it all the way?

>> i think so.

>> no you didn't. still working.

>> look at that. still working.

>> for now.

>> we have about 30 seconds.

>> this next one is the camelbak all clear water. the cool thing is that it, i onizes waterth in makes it potable. in 60 seconds . $99.

>> canned goods. make sure you have them.

>> and a can opener, people.

>> and a can opener and cooler if nothing else.

>> thank york cau, carter oosterhouse .

>> are all your kids finally