TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

La Toya Jackson stars in off-Broadway musical

Actress and reality star La Toya Jackson tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about her role in the off-Broadway show “Newsical the Musical,” in which she spoofs Oprah Winfrey and Diana Ross. She also reflects on how quickly time has gone by since her legendary brother Michael passed away.

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>>> they performed on some of the biggest stages on the planet. there's one place the jackson family has not until now.

>> where?

>> broadway . off broadway .

>> la toya jackson appears in the ever-changing comedy called " newsical , the musical." i would have liked to have heard you sing. welcome back.

>> hi, girls. how are you?

>> a brand new horizon for you?

>> before i get into that, i have to say one thing. you guys get along so well.

>> we do?

>> it's an act.

>> what a --

>> no, it's -- i love watching you two. i don't know if it's just you two getting along well or what's in that glass.

>> you are totally cute. so it is a musical. you are doing singing and things?

>> it's called newsical the musical. it's like a "saturday night live." so what's going on in the news or --

>> pop culture.

>> everything is thrown into there. that's what we do. a lot of singing. this is fabulous. there i am.

>> look at you, girl. i do a skit on diane and diana ross ?

>> you do? do you mock her? what happens?

>> oprah.

>> you are all over the place. what do you say about oprah?

>> it's all good.

>> it is?

>> it really is. it's nothing bad. it's all good. i'm keeping it good and clean.

>> who are the rest of your castmates?

>> they're just wonderful people. i have a wonderful girl who does lots and lots of just impersonations of different people. her name is kristen. then i have dylan who plays opposite me who is incredible. mind you, i just met these people like three, four days ago. i don't know their last names. i just met them. and then -- it's great. that's what i like about it. doing broadway , i was asked to do "chicago." they want a long extended period and i'm too busy with "life with la toya " so this is perfect because tom degraw who is the producer of the show said you can do it as long or as short as you want. you want to do a day or two or a week.

>> i am here until sunday. my last day is sunday. i do two shows saturday.

>> how is "life with la toya ."

>> it's doing really well. we're shooting now. this is our second season. so i'm excited. it's going to start all over again in december.

>> okay. and we have to ask how your beautiful niece is doing because we've heard -- she's doing better, we hear.

>> everybody is doing very well. thank you so much for asking.

>> you were right at her side the minute that all this happened. glad to hear she's better.

>> thank you.

>> michael would have celebrated a birthday not too long ago.

>> he did. actually it was last week. it was last week, actually.

>> how old would he have been?

>> 55.

>> wow. when you hear that, that michael would have been 55, what kind of goes through you.

>> time flies, first of all. that's number one. i will never picture him being 55. it's simply amazing. i just wish that at 55 he was right here sitting with us. that would be nice.

>> tell us what's next for you. you always have projects.

>> after you close on sunday, what's happening on monday?

>> on monday i'm going to europe .

>> you are?

>> yes. i have engagements there in europe . i'm going to europe .

>> you have a perfume coming out?

>> i do. i don't know exactly when. because we're waiting on the bottle. it has to be special made.

>> the bottle is the whole thing.

>> it takes forever, guys. i'm having a lot of fun.

>> love life is good or nonexistent, which is probably great.

>> listen to you. aren't you interested.

>> i can put a sneak it in in at the end.

>> i'm very happy about life in general .

>> we're happy you're here.

>> la toya has found happiness and we're so glad.

>> you have to come see the play. " newsical the musical."

>> you have until sunday to do that.