TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

Lindsay Lohan, Cher top weekend gossip

Cher has a new album, and Lindsay Lohan’s staying sober. Matthew Ross, host of E!’s new show “Hello Ross,” gives the scoop on all the entertainment news you need for the weekend.

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>>> back now is your ticket to hollywood. the hottest news, photos, tweets and movies you want to know before you head out for the weekend.

>> keeping up with it all is the entertaining ross matthews . host of the new e show. his own talk show hello ross premiering tonight on e.

>> tonight at 10:00 . it's a dream come true. you love it. i love it. we'll talk it out.

>> that's amazing.

>> happy for you.

>> me too. i'll freaking out.

>> okay. don't freak.

>> calm down. now we're very serious.

>> okay. photo of the week. everybody talking about this picture with steve carrell .

>> yes, it's been taken on the set of his new movie in los angeles and there's a great debate across the country, muscle or manboobs.

>> they're called moobs.

>> i'm a member but that looks like muscle to me. i think he looks in great shape.

>> terrific.

>> he's 51 years young. be but look at that.

>> what is he working on?

>> at the gym, i'm surprised i haven't seen him there. i'm there 24/7. but he looks good. doesn't he look great.

>> does he have a movie he's working on. a very hard long something day. i tried to remember it but i couldn't. look it up.

>> don't.

>> this show is going to be great. with information like that. fantastic.

>> the stars will be lining up to come on. that ross knows how to plug my show.

>> they couldn't give me a card. it's the longest title.

>> it's a very long title.

>> something, yes.

>> let's do the tweet of the week. this is your personal favorite. it involves cher .

>> cher tweeted the cover of her new album. i know you love the song. tell the truth. it's a woman's world. so they gave her a lot of crap online saying is that what you really look like or air brush much so she tweeted the unair brushed photo. that's untouched.

>> that's untouched?

>> you have to do your retouching before you get in front of the camera. no, i mean there's stuff you do and then if you have really good lighting, really good make up --

>> she is a natural beauty.

>> she works at it.

>> she looks fantastic. she looks better than steve carrell .

>> she says that you're going to talk smack about me i'll prove you wrong. good for cher .

>> we love cher . he'll be on our show.

>> tell her i said hey.

>> september 23rd on the "today" show.

>> go get the album.

>> we're counting the hours. let's two to the movie of the week. are you excited about riddick ?

>> well, riddick is vin diesel and aliens and, you know, not really my cup of tea . i want to go see the butler again with oprah . my nephew is talking about riddick .

>> isn't there a sequel. isn't there a character before.

>> i think so.

>> they're all the same character anyway.

>> he saves the world from aliens. that's good. thanks to him we're all safe. so thank you vin diesel . we live another day.

>> wow, vin diesel getting it done.

>> hello.

>> who doesn't like vin diesel .

>> i know.

>> you're going to see riddick , right?

>> after he sees the butler.

>> it's a date, let's do it.

>> you have gossip for us about ms. lohan?

>> i had a dinner party and we were sitting around and i did a poll but it was unscientific and i said who thinks she is all together. and i was the only one. she sat down with oprah and oprah is the lohan whisperer. she got her to tell the truth about the cocaine.

>> she is a spiritual advisor or guide.

>> and now lindsey lohan 's dad is saying lindsey has gotten the people out of her life that are such a negative influence and all of this poz activity coming out of the lohan camp. this is the first time we've seen this.

>> a dad saying nice things about his daughter. what a shock.

>> well, in that family.

>> i hope so. she is still young enough. i always hope that there's a way and it's never too late and it is -- she did not go to some events that she had to and you're in different places where she could have been paid money to stay there until 4:00 in the morning and she opted out. that's a good sign.

>> she opted out because oprah said don't go to europe. listen to oprah you'll be good.

>> don't party with rock stars and watch ross matthews , hello ross , tonight at 10:00 on e.

>> it's the most fun you'll have all week. it's on after fashion police . i'll see you there.