TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

Homework is a waste of time, new studies say

A new group of studies finds that homework in a variety of subjects has little impact on test grades, although math homework was the exception to the findings.

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>>> talked about benefits of a later start to the school day ? more happy news for kids everywhere. trending from time magazine , homework maybe a waste of time. there's a growing body of evidence that suggests it's not making the grade. one study found that homework in science, english and history, apparently had little to no impact on student test scores . this reignites the debate on how to make sure american students are more competitive with their international peers. they're 31st in math. a little bad news from the study a. apparently, math homework does help your test scores . so it's here to stay but it's about the kind of homework and whether teaching techniques are having an impact.

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