TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

Al Sharpton special to focus on ‘Dream’ speech

Rev. Al Sharpton tells the TODAY anchors about his MSNBC special, “Advancing the Dream: Live From The Apollo,” saying it will focus on the state of racial equality in America 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and on prospects for the 50 years ahead.

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>> have the reverend al sharpton here. he has a new special called advancing the dream. it airs tonight.

>> good morning.

>> tell us about this program.

>> well, tonight at 8:00 on msnbc we'll be live from the apollo theater where on stage magic johnson and others will join me talking about 50 years after martin luther king 's speech i have a dream, where are we going. they wouldn't have made it without the first 50 years without dr. king or the civil rights movement but where are we going as a country. i have an exclusive interview with condeleeza rice. we talk and things she hasn't spoken about before.

>> she of course rose from the segregated south to become secretary of state. we have a sound bite from your interview with her.

>> we were always aware that you couldn't go to a movie theater . couldn't go to a restaurant. i've said sometimes very often that my parents couldn't take me to have a hamburger at the lunch counter. they had me absolutely convinced that i could be president of the united states if i wanted to be.

>> that's a part of her story i don't know a lot of people know. she comes from birmingham. she was friends with one of the girls killed at the 16th street baptist church . she had an incredible rise.

>> incredible rise and she told me that she actually felt the ground shake when the bomb went off at 16th street baptist. she never talked about it before. she was about a half mile away and was friends with two of them. who knows who they could have been but it shows the progress we have made in the country but also shows where we