Image: (FILE) World Film Premiere Of 'Diana': A Look Back At The Princess Of Wales
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TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

‘Diana’ premiere faces mixed reviews

The new Princess Diana biopic didn’t receive rave reviews or big star endorsements on the red carpet, but the response was something the movie’s director and actors expected. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> let's go to london now for the world premiere of a controversial new film about princess diana . this on the day her funeral was held 16 years ago. michelle kosinski is in london .

>> unfortunately the reviews this morning are worse than the weather. royally foul. but are they fair? they knew what they were getting into and they might not accept a dramatization of diana 's ill fated love.

>> this premiere buzz different. no screaming crowds or hollywood royalty.

>> there wasn't any big stars there. so i think they're just a bit scared of endorsing something in case they get attacked.

>> diana 's love for the heart surgeon whose mustache they lost for this portrayal has been controversial. we heard praise for naomi watts , embarrassing and bizarre.

>> i have a mobile. actually, i have four.

>> she calls it one of the most challenging roles of her career.

>> it took six to eight weeks to get the voice down. i was sure i couldn't do it.

>> treat me like a princess, almost as if he doesn't know who i am.

>> he is here outside his london home the other day told the newspaper he would not see the movie. they've got it completely wrong.

>> but the german director defended it saying the book it was based on was accurate.

>> i think our depiction of diana is close to the truth. we have been really responsible in depicting the events and recreating the character.

>> naomi watts turned down the role twice before she accepted it. in part afraid of the reception it would get. however, the man we interviewed that knew diana liked it and he said it was a good love story and accurate. what will americans think? it opens in the u.s. on november 1st . back to you guys.

>> got everyone real excited by saying the reviews were so bad. thank you very much.