TODAY   |  September 06, 2013

Gregory: Obama has ‘a lot to overcome’ in House

“Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory says that President Obama has a particularly tough battle passing a Syrian strike resolution in the House of Representatives.

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>> gregory is the moderator of meet the press. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we heard chuck talk about the vote count. the washington post took a look at 371 of the 435 members of the house of representatives . 142 undecided. 103 against action in syria . 102 leaning no. 24 only fully committed to a strike. what can the president do on his return home today from the trip to the g-20 to start convincing some of these members of congress to move so his side?

>> well, the president has a lot of work to do. he's doing it from russia. he is making calls and personally lobbying lawmakers. we haven't seen a lot of this from this president even on issues like healthcare and domestic matters. he is really pressing the case but even the yes votes at the moment are a little bit soft and the president is facing that opposition now from liberal democrats who don't want any kind of intervention in syria and even from more hawkish republicans that now don't trust the president to carry out a policy they think would be the most effective in syria . it's a lot to overcome.

>> the president seems to me has two cases to make. the one to congress and the one to the american people . the idea of military action in syria is not terribly impressive to much of the voting public if you look at the polls. how can he change the opinion of americans? does he do to do an oval office address as some have reported he might consider?

>> that's right. john kerry is saying he will address the american people in a few days. the white house had to shift their strategy here. nothing to announce officially but they have to make the case. the president has been told internally by advisors and by outside advisors that he has to take the public to school a little more here. explain what's at stake in syria and make a broader case. initially they wanted to do this quickly and not make as big of a deal about it. they didn't want to raise the spectrum that they were going to war like the united states was in iraq. he has to shift gears here and really make the case that this is do or die here for the united states . there's something very serious at risk. the irony here is the president created a situation where you have to ask how does he not strike syria , comparing to adolph hitler and talking about u.s. credibility on the line, even if congress doesn't give himself the authority. that's the situation he put himself in.

>> he talked about red lines and said we have a morale obligation to intervene. david gregory , thank you so much. you'll have much more on sunday on meet the press including a interview with the white house chief of staff .