TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Make Giada’s yummy crepes, tasty hot chocolate

TODAY contributor and celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to prepare her sweet and savory crepes along with some hot chocolate from her new cookbook, “Recipes for Adventure.”

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>>> it is time for "cooking with giada."

>> yeah. jeff giada de laurentiis is with us. she's written several successful cookbooks. now we're getting a sense of her children's books.

>> the characters take trips all over the world. today we're stopping in paris for french goodies. and who is with us? sophia, sophie and mary.

>> they are out of control.

>> how cute are you three.

>> bonjour, ladies.

>> do you guys speak any french?

>> yeah, a little.

>> what do you say?

>> tell us.

>> bonjour.

>> i love them.

>> bon appetit .

>> what are we making?

>> crepes. so alfie and amelia are the brother and sister in this book. they go on these really fun adventures when their aunt cooks for them. and so in this particular adventure she's making them some crepes. they take a bite of a crepe and it transports them to paris . and all these adventures they have in paris . i thought it would be fun it make crepes. this is not a cookbook, obviously for kids but in the back of the book, which we don't have one. in the back of the book, there's two recipes in each book. it's laminated so the kids can make whatever alfie and amelia.

>> and is your telephone number in this?

>> i, unlike hoda, do not give out my phone number .

>> i'm a little bit more --

>> careful.

>> so that's how they act.

>> the kids can do them with their parents.

>> so we're making crepes.

>> which are not really working out so well because i'm talking as i'm doing it.

>> giada, doing a book for kids. they enjoy cooking. they enjoy cooking shows . i feel they are left out of that process.

>> not great.

>> thank you kathie lee . yeah, usually with crepes you have to watch them and not talk and dorth things. what i always say with crepes, i throw away the first batch anyway. the first two. after that, they become so beautiful, just like this.

>> look how light and airy.

>> it's milk, eggs, flower, salt and sugar. i usually do it in the blender. throw everything in the blender and go, boom, and you are done.

>> does your little jade love these?

>> she does.

>> she's making mine with nutella and bannanas.

>> you can make them sweet and savory.

>> i like how you wrapped this up. and then she wrapped it up like a burrito. you have to taste one, honey.

>> and then nutella.

>> that's just how she likes it.

>> fold it like that or wrap it up that way.

>> sophia is making a savory one.

>> should i eat it like this?