TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

5 of the most influential commercials

Matt Miller, president and CEO of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, shows Kathie Lee and Hoda five of the most influential television commercials of the last 10 years, such as the Bud Light “swear jar “ spot and Nike’s “write the future” commercial that was the most expensive ad ever made.

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>>> all right. are you one of those people who tunes into the super bowl just for the commercials? everybody loves a good tv ad whether it makes us laugh or feel nostalgic.

>> to celebrate the tenth anniversary of advertising week we're going to look at the most controversial commercials of the last decade. matt miller is the president and ceo of independent commercial producers. nice to see you.

>> so you went through all the commercials and sort of selected the ones that really hit a note with us.

>> we pulled them out of some of the many award shows that the advertising industry has every year. we like to pat ourselves on the back.

>> the cleos?

>> this came from one done every year and for the last 20-something years. it looks a little bit more at the artistic side of it but it also the most influential and --

>> in terms of the impact they have.

>> okay. let's get started. this is the bud light swear jar ad. this one was rejected by cbs. went straight to the internet. let's watch a little and tell us why.

>> every time someone swears you put a quarter in it.

>> who gets the money?

>> i don't know. we'll use it to buy something for the office like a case of bud light .

>> [ bleep ] awesome.

>> [ bleep ] bob.

>> [ bleep ] jim.

>> a white station wagon , please go [ bleep ] yourself.

>> i am so proud of you [ bleep ].

>> that's great.

>> that's funny. genius.

>> as you said, they knew this was going to be rejected but it was one of the first ads really meant to go viral. to go out on the internet and work that way. in fact, that year the emmys recognized that spot as a spot that never aired on tv as the primetime commercial of the year.

>> do you really see a bounce in sales when an ad like that runs?

>> this is a massive hit for them. exposure and also engagement. that's where viral advertising comes in. online advertising when people share it and --

>> i bet they started doing it in offices all over the place just for fun.

>> let's move on to the next one. the dos equis commercial which has the most interesting man in the world.

>> his reputation is expanding faster than the universe. he once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels. he lives vicariously through himself. he is the most interesting man in the world.

>> i don't always drink beer, but when i do, i prefer dos dos equis.

>> that's great.

>> we love him, right? he's become a great character and a continuing character is definitely a method used. you start to really relate to a person as the brand. and advertising week does something interesting. a walk of fame where the public can actually go on and vote for their favorite brand icons every year. and the public votes them and they get put on madison avenue right in the sidewalk and it's a really fun way to engage the public.

>> is bill cosby there for coca-cola all those years for jell-o?

>> it's the brand, the characters. the made-up characters. juan valdez is there. in colombia it became a holiday when juan valdez was voted into the advertising hall of fame .

>> and the donkey got in, too.

>> not a lot happens for the donkey either.

>> so the volkswagen ad, the little boy , which i think we teased coming in, was a favorite.

>> is this the darth vader one?

>> yeah.

>> this one was adorable. did this boost sales?

>> this is an interesting game changer for ads. volkswagen and deutch put this out before the game which was really the first time anyone did. and interestingly enough, i was on the show previewing the ads on friday. about 900,000 people had seen it online. but by the time the show was over, 4 million people had seen it. it shows how broadcast and viral can work together as it strategically does.

>> that little guy is a great actor, whoever he is.

>> the ipod commercial of 2003 . and the --

>> that was struggling before this.

>> it was a game changer for the ipod . it had been out a couple of years. this was when they pushed the fact you don't need to have a mac in order to use the ipod . you can use it with a pc. and this blew the roof off of it. it was amazing it was just out then. we didn't have iphones, ipads and all the other technology.

>> it was mobile. you could take it anywhere.

>> it was the first time we really saw this segment.

>> thank you.

>> we like you. thanks for coming to see us.

>> thank you very much.