TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

3 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal

TODAY real estate expert Barbara Corcoran explains how eliminating extra landscaping, giving your front door a new coat of paint and eliminating grass in the cracks of your sidewalk can help boost your home’s price when you go to sell.

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>>> we are back. i am here with the most popular woman in america. more of "today" on this thirsty thursday.

>> we keep facetiming people. wlngets you want to sell your home or impress the rest of the block. the first thing people notices about your house is curb appeal. we took some of the pictures you showed us showing the outside of your home. barbara corcoran took those homes and gave them a face lift.

>> it doesn't take a lot, right?

>> it doesn't take a lot. it just takes an eye for what you should change and what you should leave alone.

>> you started with denise's house . this is a landscaping issue. tell us about the before shot and what you think.

>> the main problem is the landscaping. those little annoying bushes with the mounds of dirt with the mulch on top have to go. first thing we did is took out those two bushes and the mounds. eliminated the hanging plants.

>> everybody hates them?

>> unless they are in pristine condition and they are beautiful.

>> i'm sorry, still terrible unless they are on the back deck.

>> don't agree with her but what am i going to do?

>> we also widened the path leading to the front door. continued the grass right under the tree that we put inside or to the left now which is now a big tall birch tree . next we painted the garage door to match the light beige siding on the second floor. otherwise that house looks dirty because of the white door . it doesn't contrast well.

>> paint the main door teal, pressure wash the driveway.

>> why teal?

>> teal will bring it forward. red would look hokie.

>> another flower on the other side. what did we run out of money? and a little brick in that --

>> you are talking to kathie lee .

>> come on, barbara. spend a little money.

>> it's neat and clean. you'd want to go into that house . people don't like the front of your house they'll not have a look inside. in so here's cheryl's before. a little victorian. adorable.

>> it is shabby and has absolutely no contrast. it is too white. we painted the front door red. that's victorian. it says welcome home . we freshened up the white paint. we pressure washed it. $160 to do it yourself at $900 professionally. we painted the wooden stairs and wooden base dark gray so they match. the stair railings white. we added dark gray shutters to the two bottom windows and two upper right.

>> what about window boxes?

>> we moved that little urn that hokey and popped some flowers in and that's where it belongs.

>> some window boxes. i'm sorry.

>> what is this segment turning into?

>> and that whole house top to finish, $910 to $2940, if you have the next guy do it.

>> a house that will sell.

>>> let's go to eliz beths's house .

>> the problem is it has a great advantage of having mature trees and being set back. the down side to that is it reads as dark. if you get inside that house it feels dark. fool the eye. steam clean the roof because it's half of the surface. and buyers think if a roof is dirty that you have a leaky roof which is not the case. steam clean that. resurface and smooth that driveway. it looks like it's in the back country. what a difference that makes. edge it. resurface.

>> it's very, very expensive.

>> it's not expensive. that whole resurfacing if you have it done is less than $ 1500 . not a big deal . but what an important difference.

>> and, of course, putting those gray bricks, a little extra on the edge but it says i'm an impressive house . and we moved the couple of bushes away from the windows to add light. and that's a pretty house . the whole job done for $2600 to $8,020.

>> barabara, thank you for all of that.