TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

TODAY staffers pay tribute to their grandparents

In honor of National Grandparents Day this Sunday, TODAY staffers reflect on some of their favorite memories with their grandparents and what makes them special.

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>>> hoda is going to also let everybody know what her address is.

>> can i tell you something real quick? my thing is overloaded and so far, thank you for all the texts. all 1,012.

>> this sunday is an important day across america. national grandparents day celebrate something very special people .

>> many of us have fond memories of them or have learned some of life's lessons from them, these days, 1 in 10 children actually live with their grandparents.

>> in honor of grandparents everywhere, some of the people behind the scenes here shared their thoughts about their grandparents. i'm crying already. that we think you'll relate to. let's take a look.

>> my grandmother used to make us believe that money actually could grow on trees. she had a big oak tree in her backyard and she'd plant quarters in it and dimes and nickels. when we'd climb the tree we'd think, this tree actually has money. it's growing money. and we would think it was a magical tree.

>> a special memory i have with my grandmom is her love of cooking. she'd make mac and cheese, sweet potato pie , peach cobbler . it was all good. and even if i wasn't hungry, she'd make me eat anyway.

>> these are my grandparents hazel and joe reese. i miss my granmother every single day, and my grandfather is the best person i know. i love him so much.

>> what i love the most about my grandma is that she's always smiling. has the best sense of humor. in a couple of different languages. she really has taught me a lot throughout my years.

>> one of the most funniest memory i have of my grandmas is at my preschool graduation, one of them poured fruit punch over my head by accident. it was a huge scene, mortifying but i'll always remember because we just laughed it off.

>> my grandma has overcome incredible obstacles. her strength has provided the foundation for who i am today.

>> what i love most about my grandparents is it's like having three more jewish mothers but they never say no. they are always down for anything.

>> probably the thing that makes my grandpa the most special is his spirit. he is turning 85 this year. he has more energy than i do. he has been through so much and still goes at each day head-on trying to make the most of it.

>> wow.

>> my god, that was beautiful.

>> i am so glad my kids still have my mom as the last grandparent left.