TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Get your home ready for cool fall weather

As temperatures start dropping, keep your home heated and clear of damaging trees with some easy tips from home improvement expert Eric Stromer.

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>> new season, new you. fall is approaching quickly. you may want to carve out some time this holiday weekend to get your house ready.

>> home improvement experts here with a checklist of what you need to do. excuse me, eric, good morning.

>> hi, guys, how are you? where do we start?

>> windows?

>> fall is a really good time to start doing a formal energy audit . go to the windows, hold your hand around them, see if there is a draft coming. if there is, weather stripping or these indoor storm windows , a sheet of plastic, can be a fix around the perimeter, inside of the window. if you don't want to pay for the expensive storm windows . or always feel if there is air coming through there. if there is, these caulk guns work great to quickly caulk any crack that may show up. and caulking is very simple. just pull the trigger, bring the caulk down like that, give it a quick smoothover with your finger, done.

>> people get scared off, but easy to use.

>> easy to use.

>> and comes off with water easily.

>> absolutely. now, the next thing, your front door, a huge place. imagine a nickel-size hole in a wall is the equivalent of having a window wide open in the fall or winter. check the perimeter of the door. if you do not have weather stripping in this area here, and even on the bottom of the door, if you've got a big gap you see air and leaves blowing under, put a gasket under to block the air from coming. super cheap, super easy. this is an adhesive-backed product oh. just go ahead and pull it off. it's got a little strip on it, and then you affix it to the edge of the door here. shut the door. make sure the door operates effectively, opens and closes easily.

>> okay. talk about trees.

>> trees. now, fall is a great time after the leaves drop to prune trees. you can always prune and clean up trees any time that you have the time to do it.

>> willie is a landscaper in new jersey.

>> apparently he and i share some secrets of the trade. so for any kind of pruning, you can up to two inch branches, use these, very easy to cut through. you see, boom, it comes right off. if you want to get into something a little more beefy, then you can get into either the hands -- just like that. sawing stuff off, keeping the branches crossing. you always want to make sure the tree is clear and easy and growing effectively.

>> 30 seconds. i want you to show us what to do with leaves.

>> leaves. when you have leaves, first of all, chainsaws, amazing item. you've got to get one of these going. with leaves, obviously, you guys here is the challenge. you guys rake one side i'm going to go ahead and use this blower. let's see how fast we move. ready, audience, let's do it!

>> wait, wait.

>> so much faster. so easy to blow and clean up.

>> you made your point.

>> the leave challenge.

>> get it in the street.

>> on everybody. eric, thanks so much. back in a moment.