TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

How to get a raise in 30 days

You want to boost your paycheck, but how do you approach your boss? LinkedIn’s Nicole Williams and Ali Wing, CEO of giggle, share tips on how to prepare yourself for a conversation with your boss and land the raise you want.

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>>> what if we told you you could get a raise within a month. sound too good to be true?

>> it does. but we've got a 30-day strategy to help you get a bump in your paycheck. here to walk us through is nicole williams from linked in, and from the baby store chain giggle. ladies, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i'm going to put you on the spot. you say you like to give raises and bonuses over at giggle with 150 employees. why is it always awkward for people to come in and ask?

>> i think because they usually are unprepared.

>> yeah.

>> both maybe in their scheduling with me or whomever they need to make the request of and not thinking about what's going on that week or giving in advance of what the topic is. and also just nerves. not really knowing how to lay it out and to speak to the request in light of what's going on in the business or their role.

>> yes.

>> nicole , you've laid out 20 strategies to help people get a raise after 30 days . let's go through some of them. one of our favorites. how does your company make money off of you, a question you should ask yourself.

>> absolutely. and one of those questions that is basic, that the majority of people honestly can't answer. and regardless of your role within a company, you could be an executive assistant, you could be working in the -- it just doesn't matter. you are somehow contributing to the bottom line . and when you go in to ask for the raise, you've got to present the skills, the experience, the outcome that has been a result of your efforts. and if you don't know how the company makes money, you don't know how to present it in terms of how you affect the bottom line .

>> you need hard data there. like if you helped with the deal, you need to go in and say that deal was the result of --

>> me.

>> i'm actually surprised with all of my years, and all of the levels of people i've had to do reviews with, how few people come in equipped with that information. and it is my favorite of the tips.

>> it is. you like when people come in on that.

>> absolutely.

>> speak to me about what's going on in the business and how you contribute and you've got an entirely different conversation from the beginning.

>> you hear that from employees at giggle. also, build your brand is the next tip. do employers nowadays expect you're involved in social media and all platforms?

>> yes. absolutely. and that's one of the first things they're going to check prior to this conversation. you know, is your linkedin profile filled out. use this as a platform to demonstrate all of the skills you have attained, all of the associations you're involved with. tweet relevant information about your company. and on your company's behalf and you have become ann infinitely more valuable employee.

>> i will give the counter point. also be aware it's used by your employers. therefore, it is also your public persona. i have had great instances that come to mind, fairly visibly, and i can't give the specifics, of people who have come in unaware of something that's out there that we're thinking about when they're asking for a raise. and we know it was recently posted.

>> so definitely qualify.

>> and we've got to wrap. we'll mention one last thing. you guys say don't be afraid to go out on an interview.

>> yes. absolutely. not only because it gives you practice in terms of articulating why you're the best person for the job, but like you said, willie, it's leverage. you get a job offer, you go into that conversation, infinitely more prepared and confident.

>> this is what somebody else is willing to pay me. ladies, so sorry, we ran out of time. nicole , ally, thank you so much. if you want to read all tips, check it out on our website,

>> and ally is giving away