TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

2 women shed 300 lbs., in 2 different ways

TODAY nutrition editor Joy Bauer share remarkable weight-loss stories including those of two women who lost nearly 300 pounds apiece. One used a “hunger scale”; the other a high-tech wristband.

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>> lot of you wish there was some magic pill to help lose those extra pounds fast. but since there isn't, we've got some real diet tips from real people , the incredible stories, who cropped dropped an amazing amount of weight.

>> huge numbers. to show how they did it and inspiration, our good friend, joy bauer.

>> hey.

>> good examples for all of us.

>> i love this segment, because it does enable us to share these personal, creative strategies that work. and like you said, these are real people , with real weight loss .

>> okay. let's talk about amy first. 4 2 years old and has never looked better.

>> her starting weight in this photo is 226 pounds. she is an all-star chef. and today she is 55 pounds thinner. she looks unbelievable.

>> i imagine she is sampling a lot of food, but what is she doing to make sure she is doing it right?

>> her big tip is to jazz up vegetables with some sort of tasty, delicious, low-calorie dressing. as she was losing weight , she knew the power of vegetables, high power, volume, and help lose weight but they got boring and she didn't want to turn to fattening dressings. so she takes nonfat yogurt, greek yogurt , six ounce container. this is two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil , one teaspoon of dijon mustard . you're going to throw a splash of red wine vinegar and let's for that tray of shallots, lemon zest and parmesan. this is a low-california parmesan lemon pepper dressing. and it's right over there for you to sample.

>> these are -- she said it's especially good with roasted cauliflower and only 35 calories in two tablespoons.

>> oh, my gosh, that is amazing. i'm double dipping.

>> thanks.

>> let's move on to jason .

>> do i have this right, 155 pounds lost?

>> yes. and he's only 17 years old. so jason is from independence, missouri. his starting at 326 pounds. and after attending mine stream academy, a health and fitness boarding school for obese teenagers in south carolina , he dropped 155 pounds.

>> wow!

>> wow!

>> right? that smile says it all. so handsome. his tip is to find a meaningful reason for losing weight . and then to come up with some sort of visual reminder that you keep with you at all times.

>> his reason was personal.

>> yes. so this is his visual reminder it's his best friend in a military uniform , because jason 's reason for wanting to lose weight was to be in the military. and he knew when he was heavy it was never going to happen. and he put that picture on his smartphone so he could pop it open, keep his eye on the prize.

>> really quick. viola, incredible weight loss story.

>> 59 years old. she is from dunwoody, georgia, starting weight 400 pounds. her current wait weight, 138 pounds. she has lost 260 pounds.

>> unbelievable.

>> like a super model !

>> and her thing, it's about mindful eating, uses a hunger scale to determine if she is full or not.

>> so when she starts to eat, she will make her way halfway through, and she will rate her hunger on a scale of 1 to 5, one being ravenous. two o'clock hungry. 3 being in between. 4 being comfortable. 5 being stuffed. if she is a 4 she is stuffed.

>> so incredible. christie, 49 years old, starting weight, 403 pounds.

>> she went from a size -- are you ready? is 32 to a size 0 ! in this picture --

>> what?

>> 289 pounds!

>> wow. and --

>> her secret really quick, using these different techniques.

>> her secret is to invest in a did he say device that will track your progress, whether a jawbone up or nike fuel or a pedometer. these things are incredibly