TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Do’s and don’ts of successful fall fashion

The E! Fashion Police team of Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos share what’s hot in fashion and debate the merits of some celebrity wardrobes.

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>>> it is a big week here in new york city , the most famous designers, celebrities in the world all gathered for fashion week.

>> and no one can break down the fashion dos, don'ts and, oh, are no, she didn'ts better than the --

>> you nailed that!

>> working on it. i have the influence here. better than e's fashion police team. joan rivers , kelly osbourne , guilaina rancic and george costs costsis. oh no, she didn't. okay, fashion week. what are we seeing, trends already?

>> big -- well, big shoes, lots of necklaces. wonderful makeup, smoky eyes, and the women are looking good too. but --

>> good thing you know willie is on trend.

>> a big trend for fall, the 1940s are also a big trend. we always see things from the past so i'm sure we'll see more.

>> you have also got to get an oversized coat for a woman. not for you, willie .

>> i can get an oversized coat too.

>> willie 's coat, i'll be on trend.

>> perfect.

>> and very short skirts.

>> very short skirts.

>> big, boxy jackets but short skirts.

>> what's going on right now, we get to see what's coming up for next summer. and that's what i'm more excited about.

>> yes, spring/summer 2014 .

>> is this like your super bowl ? this is huge, right?

>> well, oscars, i would say.

>> no question about it. leonardo dicaprio calls it speed dating . he is so excited. he watches the models --

>> i want that one, that one, that one.

>> now, the emmys, of course, are coming up, as well. so you guys always do the big red carpet coverage there, we all get excited about.

>> we have our big emmy special on e. very excited to see what people are wearing and who looks good. the room -- they look so beautiful, but the room smells of vomit, usually.

>> oh, my god.

>> and we're off.

>> the whole month of september is our september issue of fashion police . fashion week, the emmys, all about september issue.

>> we saw with the four of you here we would play a few of our fashion police games.

>> oh, yes.

>> we're going to have you take a look. let's start with the must-see look of the week. let's check out none other than jay-wow from jersey shore .

>> oh, i thought it was jersey whore, i'm so sorry. jersey shore !

>> looks -- her face looks pretty.

>> the dress is a little much. a little like -- should be on the top of a cake. but the face is pretty.

>> that's what we say when someone looks hideous. her face is pretty.

>> stop it, george.

>> she is pretty.

>> that kind of dress is very '90s.

>> also good if you're pregnant. is she pregnant?

>> it looks like a prom dress.

>> a curvy girl should not wear a baby doll dress. does nothing for her figure. maybe she is pregnant.

>> you all agree for once, right?

>> we agree a lot. the fun of our show is, we really just see the pictures and don't know what anybody is going to say. so we get out there, and sometimes she will love it, she will hate it, he will love it, i will -- you just don't know.

>> you never know.

>> we're going to give you another one. this one is guess me from behind. one of our favorite games. you guess --

>> it seems wrong for a guy to play this.

>> i know who that is.

>> we were talking about how much we loved her. it's nicole richie .

>> yes.

>> she looks good from behind.

>> yes. you are correct.

>> nice.

>> would you guys have guessed that?

>> she looks great.

>> amazing.

>> her stomach is flatter than j-lo's singing voice.

>> she looks great.

>> another guess me from behind. let's see if we can get this one. we're all playing along here too.

>> play along at home.

>> oh.

>> oh.

>> i know!

>> kelly's new girlfriend. looks 12.

>> is that dorothy in the wizard of oz ?

>> it's surrey cruise? that's a child.

>> or like the new cast member --

>> katie holmes ? maybe katie holmes ?

>> no idea.

>> who is that?

>> ah!

>> you could be on the panel!

>> somebody said caruso owe.

>> that has to be for a film or something. because she was wearing that in real life -- god help her.

>> got to be a movie shoot.

>> you could get away with it.

>> she is 106.

>> joan , tell me quickly about romancing the joan , new web series .

>> we're doing a web series . in which --

>> they have no idea what we're talking about.

>> a book.

>> i thought it was a sex tape .

>> is that what she is doing --

>> my sex tape is all in the dark. you can't see. it's called romancing the joan , and they have done just a funny -- 16 episodes of picking the right guy.

>> cool.

>> like the bachelor.

>> but --

>> without --

>> looking for love?

>> excuse me!

>> i'm just --

>> not that i'm -- shocked. i was asking.

>> a lot of question marks.

>> we could keep this conversation going forever, because we all want to hear more about joan 's love life . but we want to tell everyone to tune into " fashion police " friday at 9:00 p.m . on our sister network, e. always a lot of fun.