TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Get organized with these new apps and tools

As we get back into our fall routines, we’ll need help getting there. TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew shares some brand-new products and apps to help you get your life back in order.

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>>> this is "today" on nbc.

>>> we are back, and this morning on our special series attenti attenti attention, "back at it," getting organized for fall. we're here with some brand-new products, apps and tips to give our lives more order. elizabeth, we need you this time of year.

>> you know, it is that time of year, you've got to seize on the excitement, back to school, back to september. anything is possible.

>> but it can be overwhelming.

>> rome was not built in a day , you cannot lose ten pounds in a day. it takes time. i suggest you go drawer by drawer, closet by closet, pile by pile. and you will get it done.

>> you have a couple fun products, reminder tags. tell me about these.

>> these are new from post-it note, wish i thought about this, the next version of the string around your finger. tabs, sticky on one side, write your reminder on it, and stick it on whatever it is so you remember to do what you need to do.

>> i love that.

>> your kids, whatever. you also want to have a collection basket. so this is the -- kind of like your in box, all the things that need to be done, keep by your front door, close to the garage. you get all the things you need to get done in that day, located in one place.

>> okay. so this is the to do basket, basically. not the junk drawer.

>> not the junk drawer. you want it out. and it's all actionable, so you've got to get it done. these help remind you to do that.

>> okay. next organization tip, location, location, location. tell me about this.

>> you have to think, a place for everything, everything in its place. i love these. this is another thing i wish i had thought of, from the container store . they are restickable tabs. what's great, put them in the closet, on the inside your kitchen cabinet . they are -- they are sticky. and you can just stick whatever you need to remember, peel it right off.

>> does it leave a residue on your wall?

>> doesn't leave any residue, comes right up, absolutely perfect.

>> why did we not invent this and make a million dollars?

>> get this at the container store , great for note cards, keys, anything, know where you keep it. same thing, they have these tabs, envelopes, you can stick things in, kids' homework or anything that needs to be done.

>> i love it. now apps, you found a couple good ones.

>> an app can be great on the go. remember the milk is a really great app. i just put a bunch of things in. what i like about this, you can organize it by your personal, your study, your work, your whole family can use this. when you complete a task, like my -- i had "today" show organizing segment. i did it. i just check it off, it's done.

>> it's not done yet. we have another minute.

>> and the other thing about remember the milk is you can use gps. it can read where you are, and locate, so you get your jobs done really quickly. it works with seary and google. so that's great.

>> so if you have -- go to the doughnut store, it will find the doughnut store.

>> that is an important thing to get organized, yes. my other favorite is something called wonder list. and the reason i love it, the interface is super simple, just a list. if you're the type of person that sends yourself an e-mail to remind yourself to do something so your e- mail box gets crazy, this is the thing to use. it keeps track of everything. you can make lists, like i have a list of books i want to read. so when somebody tells me a book, i put it in this.

>> can you share the list with somebody in your family?

>> you can share. both apps are sharing, you can e-mail things to people, do the whole thing. really easy. now, if there is one thing i leave you with --

>> yes.

>> the idea is ohio . think the state of ohio . only handle it once. so that's paper. you open a bill, you pay it then. you open an e-mail, deal with it then. remember that.

>> okay. ohio . got it. elizabeth mayhew, thank you so much.