TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Heavy metal: Super Bowl rings weigh 80 grams

Chris Poitras, head of Jostens professional sports championship division, shows TODAY’s Al Roker how the company makes Super Bowl rings, and offers a look back at more than 30 of the coveted rings from past seasons.

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>>> now begins the march toward the ring. the super bowl ring . it's been made by josten's since 1966 . chris is with josten's. good to see you. so this ring -- i mean, this is what the players play for, besides the bragging rights , everything else. they get to wear this ring. how valuable are these rings?

>> they really are priceless. every one of these rings is hand-made, individually one by one. so as you said, these players work so hard to get this. so it's impossible to put a value on these rings.

>> we've got three rings here. tell me about these.

>> the denver broncos 1998 super bowl ring , 124 diamonds on it. representing 37 grams of gold.

>> wow.

>> then you move over to the 2000 baltimore ravens ring, 184 diamonds on it. has obviously the ravens' logo on top, 37 grams of gold. then you come to the current ring, the 2012 . this ring is 80 grams of gold, 245 diamonds.

>> how much is it this thing weigh?

>> it's 80 grams. so it's -- if you go back, this is 37 grams. so in 13 years --

>> and this is -- i love this. this is william "the refrigerator" perry's ring. what's the average size of a ring finger ?

>> for a football fan, 13, 14. this is size 25. it's the largest ring we have ever made.

>> that's amazing. well, the march for the ring begins today. chris poitrus. thank you so much.

>> good to be here.

>> they made a special ring for me. this is the 1976 suni-oswego graduation ring. i'll put that on right now. there we go. willie, savannah? look at that, huh?

>> looking good, al.

>> looking good in emerald.

>> very nice.

>> thank you.