TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

NFL kicks off season with Broncos-Ravens rematch

In a rematch of one of the greatest games of the 2012 season, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will face off against their division rival, the Denver Broncos, to kick off the 2013 season Thursday evening.

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>>> it was seven months ago when we last tuned into an nfl game. super bowl xlvii featuring the brother versus brother coaching match- match-up. john harbaugh 's ravens against the san francisco 49ers . in the end, big brother john and his team persevered to win the franchise's second super bowl title.

>> the baltimore ravens are super bowl champions !

>> sundays in the fall are more than ever holidays in themselves. borne out by tremendous tv ratings . well, tonight, by tradition, the super bowl champs kick off the new season. they're here in denver , the home of one of the league's biggest stars, peyton manning . last year was a big one for manning, who had missed the previous season with a career-threatening neck injury that led his old team, the colts, to do what was once unthinkable, let him go. then manning was recruited to denver by another quarterback legend, the broncos' vice president, john elway . and the results, tremendous. well, almost. the broncos had the best record in the conference with 13 wins. but were upset in the playoffs by, you got it, the ravens. in a 38-35 double overtime thriller.

>> the baltimore ravens have knocked off the number-one seed in the afc!

>> now at age 37, manning starts his 16th season, expected to contend for a title. and a chance for at least some partial immediate payback against the ravens. and their own star quarterback, super bowl mvp , joe flacco . who, of course, is focused on something else. helping the team become the league's first repeat champions in a decade. it's back to football. and everything starts tonight in denver , right here