TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

TODAY anchors demo the Samsung smartwatch

Samsung revealed its Galaxy Gear smartwatch on Wednesday at a press event in Berlin. Lance Ulanoff, editor-in-chief of, introduces the new device to the TODAY anchors, pointing up such features as its touch screen, voice commands, and sharing of photos and videos.

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>> the wraps off this, the anticipated new gadget, the smart watch , all of us are wearing one to demo this. here to show us if it's worth your time and money is lance, editor and chief of the tech news website, mashable. so $299.

>> $299. what will it do and not do?

>> the samsung galaxy smart watch is connected to your samsung note free. it's a touch screen . i have a camera on it right here. hopefully you can see this. i'm going to take a picture of you, stand very still. i can also take a video of you, i can share it directly to my social networks , which flows right through the phone. i can also send it right to my phone almost instantly. obviously, it's a touch screen so you can swipe along, notifications that come from your phone, voice memos.

>> you can call people.

>> you can call people, you can also do things like set an alarm.

>> cool.

>> okay. set alarm.

>> all right.

>> only thing --

>> lance, thank you so much. that is what is trending