TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Researchers say: Stop washing your chicken

Researchers at Drexel University say that rinsing your poultry before cooking can actually spread germs instead of eliminating them. TODAY contributor Giada De Laurentiis adds that the heat of the oven will kill bacteria, whereas washing chicken can contaminate the kitchen surfaces around you.

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>> today. does everyone here wash chicken , before you use it. of course you do.

>> what i do with my chicken is my business.

>> you don't wash your chicken ?

>> you don't at all?

>> you don't wash the chicken ?

>> it makes it slimy and wet and then i've got to dry it off. and all that stuff that you just rinsed the chicken in your sink, it gets any bacteria that might be on the chicken everywhere. all over your sink. it contaminates everything.

>> you are the 10%. 90% of us like to give our chicken a bath before the barbecue. and that includes one of tv's most beloved chefs.

>> wash the chicken . run the water right through it, inside and out.

>> what do you have against julia childs ? icon julia childs . it's a common practice, but may not be healthy. want to explain to us a little more?

>> it's just a lot easier if there's anything on your chicken . it's a big if. if there is, it's a lot easier to contaminate everything around you. so i would say to people, take it out of the package, if you're going to cook it off, put it in the oven. the oven temperature when it's cooking will kill any bacteria.

>> okay.

>> so that will be taken care of, it's whatever is left in your sink or whatever else you touch won't be.

>> so new research shows you're