TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Education secretary: Let’s start school later

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke Wednesday about the benefits of delaying the first bell at school, pointing to the sleep habits of teens and the importance of a full night’s rest for a successful day in the classroom. Districts would still have the freedom to set their own start times, Duncan insisted.

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>> should schools start later in the day? kind of a provocative question, and no, not coming from sleepy teenagers, from none other than the secretary of education. arne duncan says rested students are better students and would allow them to get better sleep and boost performance. he did not give a specific start time. may i suggest noon. he said school districts should set that. there is a lot of research that says teenagers in particular would do better if school started later. talking about high school students.

>> i will say, because i don't have a high school student , my daughter started kindergarten yesterday and is used to going to school at 9:00, and getting her up at 6:15 was not pleasant. very difficult.

>> working parents still doing drop-offs and stuff, that time is easier.

>> what do you think about the "today" show starting later?

>> ooh.

>> 9:00 a.m . or something?

>> let's put the secretary of education behind that program. i think it does depend if you extend the day at the back end. you don't want less time in the classroom. if you start later, you end later.

>> that's the goal, to have the same class time.

>> people thought, 78%, a later start, is a good idea.