TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Photographer captures royals in candid moments

Photographer Ray Bellisariohas a love-hate relationship with the royal family:  He’s taken thousands of photos of them in private moments that he is nowauctioning off, possibly raising millions for charity. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> with them.

>> reporter: royal wedding , photo ops, royal photographer ray bellsario wouldn't go, because his photos of the family look like this. one of a kind, candid moments.

>> to show royalty.

>> reporter: the queen in a sassy pose. a wicked grin. doing the twist. charles in a wetsuit, on a royal date, water-skiing on a chair, balanced on a table.

>> kind of weird.

>> it was weird.

>> reporter: smoking, swimming, stylish. at times, unrecognizable.

>> and who is the guy?

>> that's not a guy. that's margaret.

>> reporter: but getting shots like these took creativity and arrest for trespassing, trips to court.

>> it was a love/hate relationship, i think.

>> reporter: this wild shot of princess ann falling off her horse took years of going her events and just waiting.

>> she said, it's never going to happen. you'll never get that.

>> reporter: and there is young prince andrew not having a good day around the horses. and this one of the queen secretly meeting with her estranged uncle, a meeting the palace had denied.

>> little do they know, there you are. three blocks away.

>> yes, yes.

>> reporter: on the 19th floor.

>> right.

>> looking at them. walking in their private garden .

>> yes.

>> reporter: you are a terror. a royal terror.

>> well, i think they had other names for me. actually.

>> reporter: there are shots of corgis carried by men in suits. royal children, being children. private pictures that infuriated the royals, and made ray feel bad.

>> i was truly troubled sometimes.

>> reporter: you felt like you crossed some lines?

>> and yet i was beck on the to that.

>> reporter: now he's auctioning them off to charity. thousands could raise close to $1 million. for "today," michelle kosinski , nbc news, london.

>> i want that photograph of prince charles water-skiing on a chair. anyway i can get it, t-shirt coffee mug .

>> why?

>> it's like a relaxing water-ski technique?

>> i don't know.

>> it's like trick skiing .

>> exactly.

>> all right.