TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Aww! Jimmy Fallon revives NFL puppy predictions

“Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon revived his crowd-pleasing puppy prognosticators, letting a passel of pooches predict who will win in the NFL kickoff game between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.

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>>> and jimmy fallon ! jimmy fallon revised the puppy bowl last night on "late night" to see who would win between the ravens and the falcons. check it out.

>> let's bring them out.

>> come on, guys. you know what to do. here we go. oh, oh, it looks like -- it's an even game. it's a tight game so far. ravens, no -- it's a tight game. and two wander. oh, it looks like -- the broncos have it!

>> there you go. there you have it. according to the jimmy fallon puppy bowl , which is an impeccable source. the broncos will win tonight. i think they all agree. puppy bowl fans equals broncos win, guys.

>> i think we all win with the puppy bowl . i think we should settle most major issues in this country with the puppy bowl .

>> you know what we need with the puppies, las vegas . not that i follow such things. seven and a half points.

>> why do the puppies go to the more crowded bowl?

>> i don't know. they're puppies!

>> leave them alone.

>> puppies always know. puppies always know.

>> aw, when we come back --

>> you know why, because they put bacon in the broncos' bowl.