TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Now you can skip airline security lines (for a fee)

For a fee of $85, the TSA is allowing travelers to verify their identities and provide fingerprints at an enrollment center that will allow them to skip the long, stressful lines at security checkpoints. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> but first, are you tired of waiting in long security lines at the airport? would you be willing to pay a little bit more just to avoid them? the tsa is about to give more people that chance. nbc's gabe gutierrez is at the world's busiest airport , hartsfield international .

>> reporter: millions flock here every year to ease congestion and the tsa says it is moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach. for many passengers, it's the worst part of air travel . the dreaded security line.

>> the lines are getting longer and longer and longer.

>> it's not efficient.

>> there is a big hassle with lines, with having to wait.

>> reporter: but now more of them will be able to keep their clothes on as the transportation security administration expands its expedited screening program called precheck.

>> it would make travel much more enjoyable once again.

>> it's going to be less stressful.

>> it's going to save me time.

>> reporter: currently, precheck is available at 40 airports. by the end of the year, the program will pop up in 60 new ones, meaning 100 total across the u.s. in the next few weeks, the tsa says it will also add more lanes at current precheck locations. precheck passengers have what's become an unthinkable luxury these days, passing through security while wearing their shoes, light jackets, even belts. they can also leave laptops and small liquids in their carry-on luggage. until now, precheck had been open mostly to frequent flyers, invited by their airlines. but later this year, a fee-based application process will be taking off. for $85, travelers will be able to verify their identities and provide fingerprints and an enrollment center.

>> this precheck program gives them the opportunity to pool a group of frequent travelers that are familiar with the airport, familiar with the process, and get them through in a faster, more expedient way.

>> reporter: more than 15 million passengers have used precheck since the program launched two years ago. most airlines participate in the program, jetblue and southwest are expected to join soon. back to you guys.

>> gabe gutierrez in atlanta. thanks