TODAY   |  September 05, 2013

Officials search for clues in Ariel Castro’s suicide

Officials are launching investigations into how the convicted Cleveland kidnapper was able to hang himself with a bedsheet during the 30 minutes between guard checks. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> developments in the investigation tied to the death of cleveland kidnapper, ariel castro . this morning, one of his relatives is speaking out. nbc's john yang is outside the prison in ohio where castro took his own life. john, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, willie. now it's the search for answers. how was ariel castro able to hang himself inside his prison cell here? and as for the three women that he held captive for so many years, they're not saying anything publicly. this morning, two separate investigations are under way to determine how ariel castro was able to hang himself with a bed sheet. when castro was in county jail before his plea bargain, logs detailed how closely guards watched him. but in state prison for the last month, he was not on suicide watch , though guards were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes . castro 's uncle says the outcome seemed inevitable.

>> well, i'm sure he had to do it sooner or later . i mean, because of his conscience.

>> reporter: in cleveland , a garden has been planted on the spot where castro once kept amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight.

>> the taxpayers of cleveland a great service and of ohio.

>> reporter: castro kept the women with chains, locked inside his house. prosecutor timothy mcginnty issued a statement saying, this man couldn't take for even a month, a small portion of what he had dished out for more than a decade. as guardian angels surrounded the dejesus home, there were no public comments from the three women castro admitted he held and abused for so many years. city councilman matt zone has been close to the dejesus family.

>> i can only think about how they feel that here again, this control freak was controlling his own destiny.

>> reporter: silence, too, from knight, the most vocal of the three, who made a public appearance castro 's house the day it was torn down. but she may have had her say last month at castro 's sentencing.

>> the death penalty will be so much easier. you don't deserve that. you deserve life in prison .

>> reporter: officials are being tight-lipped about what's happened to castro 's body. apparently in keeping with the family's wishes to keep things as private as possible. willie, savannah?

>> all right, john yang , thank