TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

A gift from above: Nannies for plane passengers

United Arab Emirates’ Etihad Airways is offering the newest in in-flight assistance: a free nanny service. The program will be available to all travelers, regardless of flight class, and will expand to 500 fully trained Flying Nannies by the end of the year.

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>> you that. if united emmerants has a flying nanny service. these will be specially trained flight attendants sought at the prestigious nanny school. you don't have to be in first class. everybody on the plane. food, activities, sock puppets.

>> we need one for this show.

>> for the old kids, quizes and challenges.

>> this is a dream come true for every parent. i can't wait until american airlines are on board with with this as well.

>> it's not going to happen.

>> a state spontaneous sord airline. airlines here are charging you extra to put a bag on the plane.

>> you can carry your own kids and you'll like it.

>> i have my own flying nanny, it's called the ipad mini.

>> yes.

>> big pair of headphones.

>> when they're younger, it's hard work. my husband and i used to have to split nap time. your turn.

>> how nice would that be. the flying nanny.

>> we could all dream.