TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

Stranger pays tab for family with special needs son

Ashley England of North Carolina was out to dinner with her family, including her 8-year-old son with special needs, when a stranger paid for their meal. An anonymous message on the bill read: “God only gives special children to special people.”

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trending on facebook, a stranger's heart felt gesture. ashley england and her family were out to dinner in north carolina . her 8-year-old son who is nonverbal and suffers from epilepsy grew frustrated and began hitting the table. ashley worried that he would irritate other diners in the restaurant but a waitress came over with news that surprised the family. a stranger paid their bill and left this note that read god only gives special children to special people . that was written on the bill. on facebook ashley wrote dear stranger, thank you for giving me a blessing tonight in a way you will never know.

>> that brought tears to my eyes.

>> what a wonderful story.

>> we're always reporting how people want these kid free restaurants and then you find somebody like that who really gets it.

>> and a parent so obviously just concerned about other diners and perhaps a little frustrated even with her own son and to have that is so sweet.

>> hope it inspires other acts of kindness today.