TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

Samsung set to unveil Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

The South Korean tech giant will reveal the newest must-have gadget Wednesday in Berlin. The watch boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that will connect wirelessly to other Samsung devices, as well as email, phone, camera, and social networking compatibility.

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>>> it is about time. anticipation is building. al roker is getting it right now, expected announcement of the latest must have gadget. samsung is set to unveil the galaxy smart watch in berlin. you ask what does the watch do?

>> what doesn't it do?

>> you will be able to make calls, check e-mail and social media . take photos. measure how much you eat, and even track your vital signs. word is it will even love you back.

>> wow.

>> but we do not know how much it will cost. are you sold? do you think it would be cool to have this?

>> i think it's called an iphone .

>> you're going the get one of these. let's be honest.

>> really?

>> apple may come out with an iwatch too. that's coming.

>> at a certain point how many of these do you need?

>> it would be hard to e-mail like this. that's hard to go.

>> save this tape for the day al comes into work wearing the watch. that's coming.

>> playing poker on it.

>> september 10th .

>> that's the new -- yeah.

>> it's going to brighten people's day. it's the gold iphone .

>> or different colored iphone for that matter as well. as well as a higher cost and lower cost.