TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

Rossen Reports: Party drug ‘Molly’ is easy to get

The party drug known as “Molly” killed two people over the weekend. NBC’s Jeff Rossen investigates how easy it is to obtain the substance, and finds startling results.

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>>> we begin with the rossen reports undercover investigation into the popular party drug known as molly . two people died from overdoses at a music festival over the weekend so that raises questions how are kids getting their hands on it. jeff rossen is here with more on that. good morning to you.

>> good morning. this is in the headlines right now. it's the new it drug for college students and even high school kids. as we have seen, it can be deadly. now officials are issuing new warnings about molly , this party drug that's exploding across the country. so we wanted to know how are these kids getting their hands on molly and how easy is it? this morning, we're undercover with hidden cameras rolling.

>> reporter: it's broad daylight in new york's bryant park . and out in the open, this teenager is trying to sell us molly like it's candy. [ inaudible ]

>> reporter: it is the new craze. with it's harmless sounding street name , authorities say molly is now a staple at clubs, parties, and raves. it's considered the pure form of mdma or ecstasy sold in powder form or in capsules, even a pink crystals like this.

>> it's gotten very popular. like even a lot of younger kids are doing molly now. so like a lot of people are doing it. like all ages.

>> reporter: isabelle is only 18 years old and admits she became addicted to molly .

>> i took it for the first time i was like whoa. it was a feeling i never felt before. i wanted to feel that again and again.

>> reporter: and it can be deadly. in just the past week, olivia and jeffrey russ died at a music festival and this 19-year-old college student died at a boston night club .

>> it's a dangerous drug . young kids are being used in many instances with these drugs. it's russian roulette .

>> reporter: we went online to see how easy sit to get molly . on craigslist, more than a dozen ads. molly get your tickets now. jolly molly and how blatant is this, looking for molly ? we responded and within hours set up a meeting. our producer posing as the potential buyer.

>> so it's clean.

>> it is.

>> yeah.

>> reporter: a lot of customers paying good money. dealers selling each hit for about $60.

>> does it last awhile? how are you supposed to use it? [ inaudible ]

>> you sniff it? is it safe?

>> you're not going to die.

>> reporter: on outrageous promise. you were trying to sell the drug to our producer.

>> why sell it now?

>> for money.

>> for money?

>> yeah, are you a student? high school or college?

>> high school .

>> you're a high school student ? why sell this stuff? why do that?

>> he didn't have much to say but remember isabelle was in high school when molly nearly ruined her life. now in rehab at visions treatment center in malibu.

>> my message would be to think about the severe consequences of putting all of these different drugs into their body.

>> even we were surprised how easy it was to get. authorities tell nbc news they're seeing a spike in abuse with more and more people rushed to emergency rooms and here's another problem, in many cases kids think they're buying molly but these shady drug dealers are lacing it with other drugs like meth and crystal meth making molly even more dangerous.

>> jeff , rossen, thank you very much.

>> that's the real problem jeff touched on it, you have no idea what you're getting from one pill to the next. you buy something from somebody you have never seen before, you put it in your body, you don't know what you're getting.

>> i have never heard of this until three days ago. jeff , thank you. eye opening.