TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

Here’s how to lose that weight in half the time

One of the most common excuses for not losing weight is “I don’t have the time.” But Jen Ator of Women’s Health magazine shows ways to score a healthier, hotter body in half the time.

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>> you want to lose weight but you don't have time to get to the gym?

>> what if you you were told you could lose 5 to 20 pounds in half the time it would normally take? she's the author of the new book shape up shortcuts. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we've been told there's no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight and looking great. it's about putting the work in.

>> putting the work in it. it isn't about a fast fix. it's about smart simple strategies throughout the day. doing little things better and striving toward progress rather than perfection.

>> losing 20 pounds or more, 10 pounds, and 5 pounds.

>> let's start with 20 pounds.

>> so you want to be thinking about making one meal better. a lot of people try to tackle too much right away. focus on one meal and make it one step better. if you go from an extreme like fried chicken to grill chicken. it's an alarm, you're on a diet.

>> so this is breakfast options.

>> these are all good options.

>> but one is the best.

>> but one is the best. so you could have a bowl of serial witser cereal with milk. whole grain cereal. better option would be eggs and instant oatmeal. good option. best opposition would be an egg scramble. so you're going to get vegetables a little bit of cheese, an egg white and an egg which will save you 40 calories. whole wheat wrap. fuller longer and help you feel satisfi satisfied.

>> to be able to do that is great.

>> and you can still feel like i did something better today.

>> speaking of getting out and running the key with fitness is getting out and getting active, walking.

>> the biggest thing you can do at this stage especially is just get moving. a lot of people think aggressively working out. activity trackers are a great way to do that. you can tuck it in your pocket and bra.

>> walk about 10,000 steps.

>> but even 5,000 steps, that's progress. so doing a little bit more every day.

>> let's move to our 10 pound checklist. starting off with snacking because a lot of us don't realize this is where the bulk of our calories is coming in.

>> exactly. we have that double digit barrier, a lot of people get frustrated because i'm doing things well, what gives? snacking is a common culprit. these are all amazing options but you notice almonds, nuts, a lot of people overdo it. this is a proper portion. humus, same thing. easy to overdo. but these are healthy options you can have. these are great options. all you can eat. air popped popcorn. not to be confused with buttered bag popcorn. fresh berries are great. these are cucumbers in a vinegar with onions. they're great options if you need to snack more.

>> a fitness move that anyone can do.

>> yes.

>> this involves weights.

>> at that 10 pounds you need to shake it up and push yourself. using weights that are heavier than what you're normally going to do and focus on big body movements. a squat to overhead press so it's really engaging almost every single muscle group so you'll be burning more calories in less time. you'll actually burn more cal risk after your workout too.

>> bring on the weights to lose the weight.

>> how much do you have to do?

>> a good start is 10 to 15 reps. a couple of set of that.

>> okay. now losing 5 pounds.

>> and this is -- it's almost a cruel joke. the closer you get, the harder it is.

>> yeah.

>> so at 5 pounds, the secret is focussing on portion control . kabobs are a great way to do that. one of this is about 200 calories but the real secret is the spices. people think they have to be boring and bland. using spices say great way to eat less. you eat 5 to 10% fewer calories when you spice up your food. that's a great option and when you're thinking about your workouts it's time to turn up the energy. workouts, high energy , jumping.

>> the high intensity workouts.

>> burpies are a great example.

>> give us one of those.

>> i can't even look at it.

>> you can do i jump after.

>> that's my favorite right there.

>> those are murder.

>> i know, they're terrible but they're really effective.

>> they do work.

>> jen, great information. thank you.