TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

London ‘fryscraper’ melts cars with reflected light

A London skyscraper has a bizarre design flaw: The building is reflecting the sun’s rays at such high temperatures that the glare is melting cars and raising temperatures in a particular spot up to 150 degrees.

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>>> hot it actually melted part of a car parked on a nearby street. duncan is in london with details. good morning.

>> good morning, willie. it's right about now that things start hotting up around here. let me show you why. this skyscraper behind me is nicknamed the walkie talkie because of the way it bulges out at the top but that design means the sun is reflected down on the streets and it feels like we're standing underneath a magnifying glass .

>> reporter: it's being called london's hottest property for all the wrong reasons.

>> you can put your handout into the light and it's scorching.

>> reporter: so hot tiles are popping, bike seats burning, and carpets smolderring and hair singing.

>> we were walking around and my hair is burning.

>> reporter: it's because of the latest gleaming ptower. temperatures over 150 degrees. the owner of this car returned to find it warming.

>> i says oh, that's unbelievable. how does that happen?

>> reporter: it's called sonar convergen convergence. bouncing the suns rays and concentrating the light on to one small stretch of sidewalk. just like supposedly invented 2,000 years ago.

>> just how hot does it get down here?

>> scorching. woe came along with a frying pan and stuck an egg in it and that was my lunch for the day.

>> reporter: it was designed by the same architect behind the vdara in las vegas . they complained of the same problem. the solution was antireflective film and umbrellas and large plants. they're putting up temporary screens on the streets. in the meantime, the building is called the fry scraper. you know what's interesting about this story? the fact that is sun is out long enough to cause a problem.

>> it's only occasionally. thank you so much.

>> the death ray over there.

>> i know.

>> the first tipoff should have been when the vegas hotel started boiling.

>> exactly.

>> bringing in vegetables.

>> sauteing out there.

>> think they would have learned with that example.