TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

8 fun and useful tailgating gadgets

Gadget guy Steve Greenberg shows off cool gizmos for your next football tailgate party, including portable wireless speakers and a fondue pot shaped like a helmet.

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>>> all right. the summer's winding down, the days are getting cooler, and football season is just about to start. you know what that means. tailgating! here with the gear to get the party started, steve greenburg. let's start with hoda's favorite, music.

>> portable wireless speaker , they are indoor/outdoor, you can put your mp3 player or phone right into it or it can work bluetooth. i have my phone right here, plug it in. it goes -- you can add your team's logo or you can take any picture and put it on the outside of it. how's that, ladies? you can shamelessly plug your book the same way. turn it off there. you're learning, you're learning. next you got to have a barbecue, of course. this is a folding barbecue. it's a about $90.

>> can you do hodie's fish on there?

>> absolutely, you can.

>> hodie, we can make your fish on there.

>> it's that simple. folds up to nothing.

>> where do you put the charcoal?

>> underneath, charcoal bags, woodchips, as well. very cool. under $100. next, this is from emmy, which makes fondu. comes out with a football hub, they want to make fondu cool. that's a helmet, $50, kind of upscale, put some food here, bread, the fondu, just pop it in.

>> that's a great christmas present in the future for the guy in your family.

>> the matching thing would be from wayfair, they have snack helmets, a helmet to put in chips or candy or what not. that's good.

>> that's clever.

>> how much are they?

>> $50.

>> not bad.

>> next over here, this is from true dough, their bottle opener and also a cap catcher. so the way it works, put it in here like this, you guys can try it out, too, and it captures it.

>> so you can count how many.

>> that's why there's an obesity problem. we can't even pick up our beer can things, you know, our tops.

>> mess all over the parking lot, making a mess everywhere, good for the environment.

>> how do you do it?

>> like this, kind of pull the far end of it and pull back in. got it?

>> no.

>> come on, ladies.

>> do that again.

>> put it in like that and give it a --

>> oh.

>> you got it like that. you capture it. very easy. there you go!

>> thank you very much.

>> it can only hold 30 caps. more than 30 beers, could be a problem.

>> thank you so much.

>> wait, there's more. no, no, not saying good-bye. folding swivel chair from sharper image , folds up, 360 fold.

>> that i like.

>> this to bring over your beverages is a remote control robot, a must have.

>> that is ridiculous.

>> your favorite company.

>> see, again, with the bottle opener and that, no wonder we're fat!

>> what is that?

>> finally, this is a little disturbing, this is called the wiz dom for men so they can relieve themselves. this attaches to the man at one end, goes through the pant leg, down to the floor so they can relieve themselves.

>> no!

>> they are $5. they are disposable, but the inventors think some people wash them and use them again, which i find disturbing.

>> i find it disturbing to begin with, much less washing it, but i am going to s