TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

Mel B: Kiss ‘traumatized’ Howie Mandel, Howard Stern

“America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B talks about the recent kiss shared by fellow judges Howie Mandel and Howard Stern shared that “traumatized” them, and describes how hard it is to tell contestants they didn’t make the cut.

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>>> darn it, hoda. covered, anyways, last night was the second round of the semifinals, 12 acts taking the stage right across the street. hello. radio city music hall .

>> america is going to decide who moves through, but sizing them up, as always, the four talented judges, mel b. , who got up early to see us.

>> nice of you, mel.

>> hey!

>> you are like a fixture around here lately. thank you.

>> i love the "today" show, are you kidding me?

>> don't you?

>> i love it here.

>> you're perfect at it, you just don't give a rip, do you?

>> i don't. i have tourettes of honesty.

>> you do that on your show, too, on "america's got talent."

>> i do, i call it how it is.

>> is that difficult sometimes, because you're looking right at the person trying really hard.

>> it's difficult with kids. that pulls at your heart strings.

>> what's the harshest thing you've had to say to a child?

>> just that you're not very good and that's so hard.

>> you don't want that to stick with them forever.

>> hopefully, it makes them tougher and stronger.

>> what's up with howie and howard kissing?

>> what were they thinking?

>> nobody wants that. no, no, no!

>> oh, oh, oh!

>> do they do it? they did do it.

>> let me tell you, they were both traumatized after that. in the break they were both going to each other, why did you do it, why did you do it? you made me do it, you made me do it.

>> howie is a germaphobe.

>> lips, it was quite funny to see them like that.

>> lips travel, lips go places and pick up stuff.

>> didn't you and heidi do a no makeup deal, what happened?

>> we fly in the nbc jet every monday and every wednesday.

>> what, there's an nbc jet?

>> there is. i bought these eye treatment things, we both took our makeup off and did it. see how she looks so much better than me.

>> no, you look good.

>> yes, that's the reason why.

>> call the boss, where is he?

>> tell us about the stiff competition. it's coming down to the wire now.

>> it is. the show this season has got so much talent on it, from singers, to magicians, to variety acts, danger acts. it's full of everything. it's going to be really hard tonight to see who goes and who stays.

>> yeah.

>> really hard.

>> and you will just trust your instinct again?

>> yeah --

>> it's a subjective thing.

>> at the end of the day , america votes . we can give our opinions and that's it. tonight, we'll see.

>> when this is over, this show, are you going to cuddle up with the kids and go back to your family life ?

>> i have my show that's just launched last week in the uk.

>> what's that one?

>> called "stepping up," like a dancing show.

>> is nbc 's plane taking you to london?

>> no, unfortunately.

>> call your agent.

>> i will.

>> you're adorable, a breath of