TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

For 90-year-old couple, Swiffer ad stardom is ‘unexpected’

Lee and Morty Kaufman are a 90-year-old couple you may have seen in new ads for Swiffer cleaning products. They say the secret to their more than 40 years of marriage is telling each other “I love you” before bed each night, and describe what it’s like to be rising stars late in life.

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>>> all right. you can call them an overnight success story, now recognized everywhere they go, and if you don't know the kaufmans by now, you probably don't watch enough tv.

>> after 44 years of marriage, 90-year-old morty kaufman and his 91, you cougar, wife lee are literally sweeping the nation in these reality swiffer ads. take a look at these.

>> it's been a happy union.

>> he does laundry and i do the cleaning.

>> it's only two of us. how much dirt can we manufacture?

>> more than you think.

>> by the way, we're so happy to have you with us today.

>> what great commercials. did you guys know these things were going to take off when you first did them?

>> never.

>> never, never guessed. never even had a dream about that.

>> really?

>> really.

>> you're the only two people that didn't want to be in show business in the whole world, right?

>> i was retired for 30 years, what did i need this for?

>> i say that every day.

>> did they give you lines for the commercial? lee, say this, morty you say that? what did they do?

>> actually, it was very normal. we just sat there and made the usual kind of conversation.

>> might be leading direction, but no scripting at all.

>> none.

>> you do the cleaning, lee, and you do the watching, morty ?

>> i had to, she couldn't work the washing machine.

>> too many buttons.

>> i know that feeling. you're not technologically inclined.

>> not at all.

>> now you guys have been married 44 years. how did you two meet?

>> oh, i'm a teacher, retired teacher.

>> yeah.

>> and that summer that i was first retired i decided that i was going to teach summer school to take up my time.

>> may i point out that we were recently widowed, both of us in our early 40s, and this was a point that we had in common.

>> yeah, so you found that common ground .

>> and what did happen, he walked in and actually he referred to scotty , his youngest son ,er w ewho needed a little help. that was it.

>> started tutoring your son.

>> i said to her, scotty can't read for beans, what are you going to do about it?

>> really did say that. i wasn't going to put it quite that way, but that's exactly what he walked in and said.

>> scotty does now, reads very well now.

>> thanks to you, lee.

>> what's it like when you walk down the streets now, do people know you?

>> a little bit, a little bit, in the supermarket, yes, i can see they are looking.

>> the bank.

>> what do they say, you're cashing your big residual checks.

>> you need one person to recognize you and they make a sound and other people then will recognize you.

>> and they question us and smile and they are nice. and they wave.

>> you make people happy and you give us hope that people can remain happily married for 44 years.

>> wouldn't you know they are making us happy also? our popularity is unexpected.

>> how did they find you to do this ad?

>> to do this ad?

>> my daughter myra knew a casting director and they asked her if she knew elderly or mature couple over 70 and she said, my parents.

>> that's really just how it happened.

>> this is going to lead to other things? are you going to take betty white 's place on "hot in cleveland"?

>> i hardly think so.

>> we haven't been approached yet.

>> nothing?

>> nothing.

>> okay.

>> but we'll wait.

>> what is the secret, you guys, to 44 years of a great marriage?

>> you got to love each other. you got to let each other know they are being loved.

>> cherish one another, huh?

>> i don't go to bed at night without saying, lee, i love you. and she doesn't go to bed without saying, i love you, too.

>> you're grateful for one another.

>> indeed, we are.

>> we're grateful you can be us today.

>> you are just the most adorable. thank you for being with us.