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TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

Fans fuss over ‘50 Shades’ casting news

Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam have landed the roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, respectively, in the movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Author EL James has confirmed the casting on Twitter, but not everyone agrees with the choice.

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>> speaking of your guilty pleasures .

>> the emphasis on guilty.

>> casting of the 50 shades movie.

>> yes.

>> the roles of anastasia steele and christian grey have been cast in the upcoming film . the author confirmed the casting on twitter. they are dakota johnson . that's the daughter of don johnson and melanie griffin and charlie hunnam . sons of anarchy.

>> so al and i haven't cracked the books. you're the expert.

>> you cracked the books.

>> you're teaching a seminar at nyu about the books.

>> i'm a professional.

>> you read them more than once.

>> i did. for purely research purposes for this very moment when we would be disgusting and digesting these characters i read the trilogy at one point in my life.

>> so when you go to true value, do you like cotton rope or nylon.

>> you are so bad, al roker . you are just beyond wrong. it didn't work in the 7:00, it's not going to work now in the 9:00.

>> it worked well.

>> did you like the pick.

>> they were high expectations. jennifer lawrence at one point they were talking about her. they were talking about other actresses as well and i think it's important to cast new people in new roles in hollywood all the time. we think of rooney mara with the girl with the dragon tattoo. she did an incredible job with it.

>> when somebody comes with a big name, they come with their own baggage good or bad. you're never going to please everybody anyway. people have in their minds eye who these people look like and act like. think certainly fit the mold. they look the part. it's kind of exactly how i would expect them to look.

>> do you think this book makes a good movie or does it run the risk of being cheesy?

>> i have no idea how they are going to get away with it. i don't know if they can get away with the r rating .

>> they said they're not going to do that.

>> i don't know how they're going to pull it off but they will. i'm sure they will.

>> the naughty bits .

>> natalie will be doing a dramatic reading from 50 shades and grey at barnes & noble .

>> reading quitely to herself.

>> just go from bookstore.

>> willie thinks he had a shot at it.